Does sexy underwear need qualifications?

Funeral underwear industry overview

Sexy underwear as a sexy interior has become more and more popular in recent years.According to statistics, the market size of sexy underwear has exceeded 20 billion yuan, and it is expected that there will be huge development space in the future.However, with the continuous expansion of the market, a large number of irregular or illegal sexy underwear brands have emerged, which has caused people to controversy whether sexy underwear needs to be qualified.

Whether sexy underwear requires qualifications

At the national level, erotic underwear does not have a uniform qualification standard.Therefore, from a legal level, sexy underwear does not require qualifications.However, this does not mean that sexy underwear can be sold without any restrictions.At present, the state has introduced relevant consumer rights protection laws and regulations. Interest underwear sellers must abide by relevant regulations, otherwise they will be punished.

Basic conditions of legal sex lingerie

Although sexy underwear does not have a clear qualification requirements, the seller must meet the following requirements:

Products must meet the requirements of national laws and regulations

Products must explicit product information, use precautions, distribution and other related information

Product quality must meet the standards expected when consumers buy

The regulatory mechanism of sex underwear sellers

Although sexy underwear does not require qualifications, the seller must abide by relevant laws and regulations.With the improvement of consumer protection awareness, the state’s supervision of sex underwear sellers is also continuously strengthened.At present, the national market regulatory authorities have established measures such as blacklist and exposure desks of sex underwear sellers to protect consumers’ rights and interests.

How to distinguish legal and illegal sex underwear

For consumers, how to distinguish legal and illegal sex underwear is very important.The following are some suggestions:

Choose a well -known erotic underwear brand

Buy sex underwear through the official purchase channel

Check out information such as product logos, manuals and other information

Pay attention to the quality of the product, avoid buying low prices, inferior products

Market prospect analysis of sexy underwear

As consumers’ demand for sexy underwear continues to increase, the sexy underwear market will also usher in greater development space.According to forecasts, the future sex underwear market will be further expanded.Therefore, formal sexy underwear brands should adjust their own development strategies in a timely manner to adapt to market changes.

The future development trend of the sex underwear industry

From the perspective of market trends, the future sex underwear market will show the following trends:

More and more consumers start to accept sexy underwear, and the demand will continue to increase

Fun underwear brands will focus on product design, quality and technological innovation

The sex underwear industry will use emerging technology platforms such as the Internet to promote its brand to further develop and grow

How can consumers choose sexy underwear correctly

For consumers, it is very important to buy sexy underwear correctly.Here are some suggestions:

Style and brand: Choose a style that conforms to your preferences, and choose a well -known brand

Size and style: Choose the size of your own size, and choose the style that suits you

Quality and price: Choose a guaranteed product quality, and choose a product with moderate prices according to your own financial ability

Purchase location: Choose regular purchase channels to avoid choosing unreliable purchase channels


Although sexy underwear does not have compulsory qualification requirements, regular sexy underwear brands still need to follow relevant regulatory requirements to ensure consumer rights and interests.Consumers should choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their needs and preferences, and choose regular purchase channels to protect their own interests.

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