Sex underwear to make new media promotion

Sex underwear to make new media promotion

Fun underwear market prospects

With the development of society, people’s demand for emotional life is getting higher and higher, which has also led to the rapid development of the sexy underwear market.According to statistics, the global sexy underwear market is close to $ 20 billion, and China has also become one of the world’s largest sexy underwear market.

Promotional needs of the new media era

In the era of new media, the main channels for corporate promotion have shifted from traditional media to digital media.For products such as sex underwear, the promotion of new media is more in line with its special attributes.On the one hand, the advertising propaganda of traditional media will be regarded by the times as too "exposed" and even formed a negative effect, while new media propaganda is more hidden; on the other hand, the new media is not limited by time and space, and it is more targeted atSex and interaction are more in line with the needs of consumers.

One of the new media promotion strategies of sexy underwear: social media marketing

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Social media is one of the protagonists of the new media era. For sex underwear brands, social media marketing has also become a very important promotion channel.You can spread brand culture, release product information, push online activities, etc. through various social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Douyin.Effect.

Sex underwear new media promotion strategy: Internet celebrity endorsement

At present, the endorsement of Internet celebrities has become an important promotion strategy for sex underwear brands.The appropriate online celebrity endorsement can be matched according to the brand positioning, product attributes, main consumer groups and other aspects to achieve the effect of online live broadcast and publicity on multiple media platforms.In addition, online celebrities can also be used as the way of promotion of offline physical stores, and more target consumer groups can be attracted through store activities.

Sex underwear new media promotion strategy 3: UGC marketing

UGC marketing is a strategy that uses user original content as a promotional method, and has been adopted by more and more brands.For sexy underwear brands, UGC marketing can be performed by operating user communities, inviting users to participate in brand activities, publishing user original content, etc., to achieve more brand exposure, increase consumer participation, and promote brand reputation.Target.

Question of New Media Promotion Strategy in Sexual Lingerie: Content Marketing

In the era of new media, the content is king. Therefore, for sexy underwear brands, it should formulate attractive content around product attributes, consumer needs, brand culture and other aspects to provide consumers with more valuable experiences.For different social media platforms, different promotion content can be developed, such as short videos, graphic tweets, and H5 activities to attract different audiences.

Question of New Media Promotion Strategy of Info Lingerie: Promotion Promotion Promotion

Fun underwear brands can develop different promotional activities, such as Valentine’s Day limited -time special offer, summer clearance promotion, etc., and guide consumers to buy through social media transmission.Specific ways include sending coupons, participating in topic interaction, organizing online lottery, etc. These methods can attract consumers’ attention and increase brand awareness and sales.


Sixth of the New Media Promotion Strategy of Sexual Underwear: Clear Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the prerequisite for corporate promotion, and the same is true for sexy underwear brands.Clear brand positioning allows consumers to better understand brand attributes, styles and characteristics, and accurately find the products they need.Of course, brand positioning also needs to keep pace with the times in the new media era, to reasonably grasp product attributes and consumer demand, and to achieve maturity and stability of the brand through continuous adjustment and optimization.

Seventh of sexy lingerie new media promotion strategies: continuous tracking data analysis

The continuous operation of the promotion strategy needs to be continuously followed, analyzed, and adjusted to meet the market needs of different periods and different channels.Through data mining, social media analysis, consumer research and other means, the effectiveness and deficiencies of promotional activities are diagnosed, and the changes in consumer demand are analyzed, so as to continuously improve the brand promotion strategy and create better marketing results.

Eighth of the New Media Promotion Strategy of Instead: Brand image shaping

The image of each brand requires consumers’ identity and reputation support, and the promotion of sex underwear brands in the new media era must pay more attention to the shape of the brand image.Whether it is the release of product information, marketing activities, or interaction with consumers, it is necessary to pay attention to details and convey the values of the brand to win the trust and support of consumers, thereby achieving a long -lasting and stable marketing effect.


As a special product, sexy underwear needs to maintain professionalism and caution in the process of promotion, and formulate more accurate and effective promotion strategies for different consumers’ needs and attributes of different platforms.At the same time, it also needs to pay attention to the interaction between the brand and consumers, win the support and reputation of consumers, and bring the long -term development of the brand.