Sexy underwear crotch

Sexy underwear crotch

Sexy underwear crotch: Let you get rid of the embarrassment

For women, wearing erotic underwear is a way to exude charm and confidence.And some sexy lingerie styles will add a thin rope or wide strip to the crotch, which we call the crotch.This design not only helps to increase sexual sensation, but also eliminates embarrassing occurrence when wearing.Here are some common problems and solutions about the crotch of sexy underwear:

Why is there a crotch in sex underwear?

The design of sexy underwear is inspired by adult sex games, which aims to increase interest and sexy.The design of the crotch is to prevent women from accidentally glowing or leaking when wearing it, and at the same time look more sexy.The design of the crotch can also stimulate sensitive areas and increase the sense of stimulation.

How to choose a size in the crotch?

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It is very important to choose the correct size. If the size is too small, the crotch will cause discomfort to the private parts.If the size is too large, the function of Le’s crotch will not be able to play.It is recommended to choose a size that is fit but not too tight, and follow the size standard of the sex underwear itself.

How to wear sexy underwear crotch?

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention. First of all, you must ensure that the position of the rope or strap must not be too tight or loose.Secondly, it is necessary to make full adjustments to ensure that the location and details of the underwear fit your body curve perfectly.Finally, choose the right coat and shoes to make the whole look perfect.

How to maintain sexy underwear crotch?

It is very important to maintain sexy underwear crotch because directly contacting the private parts will be affected by bathing habits, sweat and other factors.It is recommended to wash it with warm water and soft detergent to avoid twisting and using a washing machine.After cleaning, dry it flat.

How to match the crotch of sexy underwear?

Pay attention to the crotch of the sexy underwear. If you want to show more sexy, you can choose the clothes that are off -the -shoulder or waist.If you don’t want to be too exposed, you can choose to match a jacket or long -sleeved top to increase the sense of layering.

Is it suitable for everyone’s crotch?

Interests of underwear, the crotch is not suitable for everyone. If you have certain diseases or allergies, it is recommended to avoid wearing.In addition, pregnant women are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear crotch during pregnancy and lactation.


What occasions are the crotch of sexy underwear?

Fun underwear crotch is suitable for various occasions, such as sex parties, personal sex games, dating with partners, etc., which can increase interest and sexy.However, in some formal occasions, sexy underwear is not suitable. It is recommended to choose ordinary underwear.

How to avoid discomfort to the body?

If the sexy underwear wearing the crotch for a long time will cause discomfort to the private parts and the body, you can choose comfortable materials when choosing, reduce the tightness of the crotch, and unload it after wearing it for a certain period of time.

How does the crotch express personality and taste?

There are many tricks on the design of the crotch, in addition to the classic three -point design, there are various creative styles.It is recommended to buy a design suitable for your emotional and taste, which can more fully express your personality and taste.


Interesting underwear, the crotch of the underwear not only adds sexy, but also makes you confident and get rid of the embarrassment.However, wearing a crotch need to pay attention to size, dressing method and maintenance method, not suitable for everyone and all occasions.When choosing and wearing, you should fully consider the actual situation and preferences to achieve the best results.