Sexy underwear open gear 3 pieces set

Sexy underwear open gear 3 pieces set

Sexy underwear open gear 3 pieces set

What is sexy underwear open three -piece set

The three -piece set of sexy underwear is a combination of underwear, bra and hanging sticks.Unlike ordinary erotic underwear, the three -piece set of stalls allows wearers to be more convenient to sex while enjoying the sense of sex.

Material and style

The three -piece set of open files is generally made of lace, gauze, transparent texture and other materials. Of course, there are leopard prints, diamonds and other styles to meet different aesthetic needs.

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Wearing the three -piece set of open stalls can not only make fun, but also make you interested and freely experience barrier -free.The opening design can cater to different bodies, so that the wearer is more comfortable in sex without losing beauty.

How to choose a size

How to choose the size?First of all, you must understand your bust, hips, and height, and then you can choose the appropriate size according to the product introduction.However, if your body is particularly characteristic, such as a plump body or small and exquisite, it is recommended to choose a larger or smaller size.


The three -piece set of the opening is only suitable for adults, not suitable for minors or pregnant women.In addition, be careful not to clean or iron at high temperatures, and do not wash or tear it with hard items, so as not to destroy the structure and service life of the underwear.

With suggestions

If the three -piece set of the opening gear is afraid of being exposed, you can choose a suitable jacket, such as long shawl, lace camisole, etc., beautiful and generous, and have a certain person.

Use occasion


The opening of the three -piece set is suitable for use in private leisure places, sex venues, parties, etc. between husband and wife.But pay attention to the safety and hygiene of the occasion.

Maintenance and maintenance

The three -piece set of the opening should be strictly verified by the material and washing signs before washing. It is recommended to wash it when cleaning. Because the underwear cannot be exposed and dried in the dryer, it should be directly dried in the ventilation.

the way of buying

How to choose three -piece set?First choose three -piece sets that are suitable for your body, style and preference.It is recommended to buy in a professional store when shopping or choosing to communicate with sexual products.

Point of view

In short, the three -piece design of the three -piece set design is highly playable, comfortable and beautiful, which is very different from ordinary erotic underwear. It is very suitable for the use of fun, sex, etc. It is a sexy underwear style worthy of trying.