The heroine wears a sexy underwear AV

1 Introduction

With the development of Internet technology, the popularity of sex underwear industry has also increased.As a specific form of sexy underwear, women’s sex lingerie has attracted widespread attention in movies, TV series, novels and other aspects.Even in adult films, women wearing sexy underwear appeared. These films are called AVs of the heroine wearing sexy underwear.In this article, we will deeply explore the popular reasons and types of AV wearing a sexy underwear.

2. Popular reasons

The reason why the heroine wearing a sexy underwear is popular because it can stimulate people’s vision and emotions.When the heroine appears on the screen wearing a sexy underwear, the audience will feel the impulse and pleasure of sexual sex.In addition, the female lead wearing a sexy underwear can also meet the fantasy and mysterious needs of the audience.

3. Taste series

The AV of the heroine wearing a sexy underwear is usually divided into different flavor series to meet the needs of different levels.For example, some taste series focus on the design and materials of sexy underwear, such as stockings, leather, etc.Other taste series pay more attention to the figure and face of the heroine, and more and more use of peach blossom eyes and small faces as the characteristics of female characters.

4. Fantasy series

The AV of the heroine wearing a sexy underwear can also be classified as a fantasy series.This type of AV describes the heroine as a sexy myth or legendary character, such as witch, angels, demon, etc.Because there are very few parts of the heroine, the audience often pays more attention to the body curve and sexy atmosphere of the heroine, which inspires their fantasy.

5. Office series

The office series is one of the most popular types of AV wearing a sexy underwear.This type of AV usually sets the heroine in the background of the office, and the naming is often dominated by "OL" or "office girl".Through this form, the audience can imagine and experience the scene of a woman wearing sexy underwear and colleagues in sex.

6. role -playing series

Another common female lead wearing a sexy underwear AV type is a role -playing series.This type of AV allowed the heroine to play different character characters, from cute dean to charming nurse, to beautiful police officers.In this case, the sexy lingerie worn by the heroine focuses on the character and temperament of the role.

7. Selfie series

The selfie series is an AV wearing a sexy underwear. Among them, the heroine uses a camera to shoot her sexy underwear and masturbate or have sex with her boyfriend.Such videos make the audience feel very real and close.

8. End

In short, the popularity of the female lead wearing a sexy underwear does not constitute a threat to female image.Instead, these films can allow women to try and explore their sexy and female identities, and can also meet the visual needs of men.Of course, we should also emphasize that consumers of these AVs should maintain a sober mind and consume rationally during the selection process.

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