Two wearing fun underwear hot dance

Introduction: The charm of sexy underwear hot dance

Sex underwear is a representative of modern fashion. It is not only used for private occasions, but also often used for party and performance.Wearing sexy sexy underwear in hot dance will perfectly show the curve and charm of women.This article will explore the performance effects of two different styles of sexy underwear in the hot dance. I hope to provide some references for women who dance and make them more confident and charming in hot dance.

The first style: literary and artistic erotic underwear

Literary and artistic underwear is mostly used for slow dance and soft Latin dances. The color tones are generally biased towards pink, purple, beige and other elegant and warm colors.This style of fun underwear is focusing on showing women’s softness and confidence. Let’s take a look at a few performance skills.

Tip 1: Softening with both hands

The literary style requires the performer’s limb movements to be more gentle and natural, so the movements of both hands should be soft. The fingers can gently touch the hair or clothes gently, and the arm does not need to be too high.Slowly swaying feels more touching, and at the same time, the intensity of movement can be strengthened at the climax of music, highlighting the emotional publicity.

Tip 2: Show of slender waist

The waist design of sexy underwear can make the figure graceful, show the beautiful curve of women, and at the same time, the dance movement is more beautiful.The swing of the waist should slow down, and then with the dancing of the arms, it reflects the elegance and confidence of women.

The second style: sexy wild sexy underwear

Sexy and wild sexy underwear is mostly used for fast -paced dances, such as hip -hop, modern dance.The color is bright and diverse, and the design style is bold, which reflects the charm and confidence of women.Let’s look at the performance skills of this sexy underwear.

Tip three: attracting eye -catching hip dance steps

The design behind the underwear can highlight the hip lines of the stunner, coupled with the beautiful rhythm of the dance steps, the two combinations to make people look intently.Without fouls, you can add some colors to the bangs to make the entire performance more eye -catching.But remember not to be too sloppy and maintain a certain dance style.

Tips 4: Passionate arms dance

In hot dance, the dance movement of the arm is very important.The height of the arm and the rhythm of swing should be closely coordinated with the music, so as to create a more enthusiastic atmosphere with a wider range and greater arc.At the same time, the entire chest can shrink and expand to control the rhythm to achieve the best effect of dance.

Conclusion: The beauty of dance is not just in sexy underwear

In hot dance, sexy underwear may add a sense of mystery and sexy, but in fact, the most important thing is the temperament and confidence of women itself.As long as the dancers have their own unique style and talent, no matter what kind of clothes they wear, they can make the performance more beautiful.Therefore, in dance, sexy underwear is not necessary. The focus is still to show their talents and charm in order to make the audience feel the most authentic beauty.

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