Variety of sexy underwear pants

Variety of sexy underwear pants

1. Lace sex underwear

Lace sex underwear is one of the most popular sexy underwear. They use lace fabric to cover the lower body to show people a sexy girl feeling.Lace erotic underwear is often equipped with detailed patterns, luxurious embroidery and transparent mesh.

2. Ting -oriented sexy underwear

As the best sexy underwear, the thong has a narrow thin belt, which penetrates the lower body to form a T shape.They usually use lace, silk or velvet fabrics, and sometimes equipped with lace bow or stars.Using dite -like sexy underwear can better show the peach hips, which is very suitable for a strong sexy occasion.

3. Open crotch sex underwear pants

Open crotch sex underwear is one of the important accessories for women’s life.This kind of sexy underwear has an open crotch design, which is conducive to the rapid entering the climax. Many interesting enthusiasts choose this type of sexy underwear.Open crotch sex underwear has various materials to choose from, such as lace, silk or cotton.

4. Leather sex underwear pants

Leather sex underwear is made of high -quality leather, which is not only durable, but also very sexy.This type of sexy underwear often plays an important role in strengthening visual effects.They often use metal buckle, zipper and decoration details to be more eye -catching.

5. Net sexy underwear pants

Net -shaped sexy underwear is a light and light sexy underwear. It is made of transparent mesh to easily display the beautiful curve.They can be used as sexy role -playing clothing, suitable for various nightclub gatherings, carnival parties and sex park performances.

6. Breast Enhancement Lingerie Pants

Women want their bodies to be more beautiful. This is the purpose of busty lingerie.This kind of sexy underwear can play a breast enhancement, making the chest more up and charming.They usually use stable materials, such as lining foam or pads to improve their chests and shapes.

7. Navel sexy underwear

The difference between navel sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is that the latter has a designed element with a navel, so that the waist curve can be displayed as much as possible.This kind of erotic underwear is suitable for women with short body shapes and can show their legs and waist and abdomen.

8. Open the stall sex underwear pants

Open -gear sex underwear and open crotch sex underwear are a bit similar, but they use a small thin circle similar to elastic bands, which can greatly enhance the wear experience and can perfectly present the female curve and enhance sexy. Therefore,It is a very popular one in sexy underwear.

9. Ultra -thin sex underwear pants

The ultra -thin sexy underwear is very comfortable. It focuses on materials and design. The commonly used fabrics are silk and lace, so we wear more closely dressed.Ultra -thin sexy underwear is very suitable for tight skirts and close pants, which will make the body more beautiful after putting on.

10. Lochriper sex underwear pants

Details such as streaming, bows, ruffles, and mesh are used to increase beauty.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for more romantic occasions.


Finally, sexy underwear is the core element that shows women’s curves and charm.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you not only feel confident, but also make sex life more exciting.I hope this article allows you to better understand the type and style of love underwear.

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