Wearing a sexy underwear by many people C

Wearing a sexy underwear by many people C

Interest underwear is a beautiful, sexy, eye -catching underwear.More and more people like to wear sexy underwear, because it can not only stimulate eroticism, but also increase self -confidence, but at the same time, it will also face some problems, such as outdated matching, inappropriate size, and unsuitable occasions.This article will answer the question of "wearing sexy underwear by multiple people C".

1. Don’t wear too much exposure -find the right style and size

When wearing sexy underwear, don’t be greedy for exposure, find a style and size that suits you.For sexy underwear, tailor -made is the best choice.If you buy a ready -made one, you must pay attention to find the right size to ensure comfortable dressing.

2. Consider your own body characteristics -choose the style that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider your body characteristics.For example, girls with small breasts can choose to match with lace cups, thick pads, or choose styles that can make their chests more full, while girls with large breasts can choose better support and more comfortable underwear.

3. Do not wear too tight underwear -Choose the right material and size

Wearing too tight erotic underwear can affect blood circulation and cause hidden health hazards. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate material and size. The material should be soft and comfortable. The size should be appropriate. Do not be too tight or loose.

4. Choose the color that suits you -consider skin color and temperament

It is important to choose the color that suits you.If your skin is white and tender, you can choose some bright and bright colors. If your skin is darker or yellow, then you need to choose some softer and not dazzling colors.

Fifth, proper match -consider fashion matching and occasions

The importance of matching is self -evident. For sexy underwear, the combination of coats is also a problem that people often ignore.Consider the color of the clothes and the underwear style, especially wearing different sexy underwear on different occasions can reflect cleverness.

6. Don’t show off too much -restrained and decent more attractive

Although sexy underwear is a sexy representative, wearing too much will reduce attractiveness and even give people a vulgar feeling.Therefore, when choosing the style and dressing of sexy underwear, it is still necessary.

7. Choosing a brand is worthy of trust -quality and design are guaranteed

Choosing a brand worthy of underwear, which can not only ensure quality, but also ensure design.Brand underwear usually launch different styles based on age, body and personal taste, and choose underwear that fits its own style.

8. Choose the right occasion -it is more fashionable to wear well

It is only suitable for sexy underwear on specific occasions, and it will make people feel uncomfortable on other occasions.Fashionable wearing is not just styles and underwear itself, but also consider occasions.For different scenarios, you should choose different types of sexy underwear for matching.

Nine, grasp the internal and external matching -fashion is not fancy,

The fashionable internal and external fashion should be not fancy, and the content should be concise.The color and style of the underwear should echo the style of the coat color, and it should be paired with a piece of coat to facilitate going out. At the same time, it can block the local erotic underwear of the body, forming a fun and sexy hazy beauty.

10. Summary view

Wearing sex underwear, we must pay attention to matching, size, color and occasion like dressing.Only after considering the body, complexion, temperament, etc. can we wear confidence, fashion and sexy effects.

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