What color do you buy sex underwear?

What color do you buy sex underwear?

Interest underwear has always been an important part of a women’s shopping list. More and more women choose sexy underwear to enhance their charm and self -confidence.But when buying sexy underwear, women often face a problem: What color of sexy underwear to buy is the most suitable?This article will give suggestions through 8 to 10 aspects.

1. Your skin color

If you have a fair skin, the dark sexy underwear will be more suitable for you.Such as black, purple, dark red and other colors.Dark sexy underwear can add mystery and sexy atmosphere.If your skin tone is yellow, then light yellow, orange, light pink and other colors will be more suitable for you. These colors can better show your skin tone.

2. Your hair color

Women should also consider their hair color when buying sexy underwear.For women with black hair, sexy underwear such as gold, green, blue and other colors is easy to form a strong contrast with hair, creating a strong sense of fashion.Women with brown or red hair can choose darker colors, such as dark red and hidden blue.

3. Your personality

Personality is very important.If you are cheerful and energetic, you can choose bright colors, such as red, bright yellow, blue, pink, etc. These colors can better show your personality and preferences.If you are more introverted and reserved, the dark or neutral sexy underwear is more suitable for you.

4. Your body

Each woman’s body is different, so when buying sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to your body characteristics.If you have a beautiful figure and a charming curve, then the colorful lingerie of gold, red, black and other colors is more suitable.If your body is full, you can choose warm -colored sexy underwear, such as orange and purple.

5. Your mood

It is very suitable to express your mood with color appropriately.If your mood is low, you can choose a dim color to relieve your mood, such as beige and green.If your mood is very happy, you can choose bright colors to express your mood, such as pink, orange, etc.

6. Your accessories

Similarly, you also need to consider the color of the clothing you wear, especially whether it is matched with the color of the accessories.If your accessories are more dazzling, you can choose neutral sexy underwear, such as gray, white, etc.If your accessories are mainly round colors, you can choose purple and rose.

7. occasion

When choosing a sexy underwear color, you should also consider the occasion.If you want to participate in formal business banquets, then neutral colors such as black and gray are more suitable.If you participate in parties or gatherings, you can choose bright and bright colors, such as gold, red, etc.

8. Your boyfriend or husband

If you want to choose sexy underwear for your boyfriend or husband, you should also consider his preferences and choose the color he likes.If he likes natural and pure colors, you can choose light colors such as white and beige.If he likes sexy, then you can selectively sexy colors, such as red, black, etc.

9. Your purpose

You also need to consider your purpose when choosing sexy underwear.If you are to increase your confidence, you can selectively sexy colors, such as purple, red, black, etc. These colors can better show your charm.If you want to add fun to your partner, you can choose the materials such as lace. This transparent material usually needs to choose darker colors, such as black or dark purple.

10. Overall suggestion

In short, you need to consider many aspects when choosing the color of sexy underwear, such as skin tone, hair color, personality, figure, mood, and so on.In the end, the color to be selected can reflect their own personality and preferences, and male partners also like color.The most important thing is that you must feel comfortable and confident.

When buying sexy underwear, you should pay attention to choosing the right color.Choosing a color that conforms to your personality, body shape and mood can make you show different charm when you wear.Remember, you must make yourself feel comfortable and confident.

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