What do men wear sexy underwear? What do men wear?


Sex underwear, as a special dress that requires highly sexy and visual effects, has been popular in recent years.Not only are women passionate to wear sexy underwear, but men also start trying.Although wearing fun underwear is commonly worn, as a man to choose a sexy underwear that suits his chest, it is likely to encounter some small troubles.Will this article discuss the show of sexy underwear, and what kind of sexy underwear wearing a man is most suitable for your chest.

Is the sexy underwear showing the chest?

First of all, it is clear that the effect of "showing the chest" is a sexy manifestation for women, but it is not necessarily a good thing for men.Men’s breast development is generally relatively small. If some sexy underwear can appear more male’s chest in appearance, it is likely to be considered not normal or alternative.Therefore, for men, you must pay attention to the problem of "showing the chest" when choosing a sexy underwear.

Tight vest

For men, tight vests are a better choice and one of the more common men’s sexy underwear.The design of the tight vest is relatively simple. It is usually a straight -collision version. It is tightly attached to the body through elastic material to enhance the line feeling of male chest.At the same time, this type of sexy underwear can also have the effect of pressing the chest, making the male’s visual chest more upright and beautiful.


Corset is a sexy underwear designed specifically for men.It is relatively simple compared to women’s corset, and pays more attention to the comfort of men’s dressing experience.The design of men’s corsets usually compress the chest to achieve the effect of helping the chest look more stretched and uniform.

Suitable for "Mao Mao" sexy underwear

If you are a "hair men", you can consider some areas covered with hair coverage when choosing a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, some corsets are more fit in the design of the chest area, which can effectively cover excess hair, making men look cleaner as a whole.

Metal chest ring

Metal chest ring is a special sexy underwear. The main design purpose is to enhance the sexy effect of the chest.The metal chest ring is usually made of gold or silver -plated metal. It fits the lines of the chest, making the chest look more upright and sexy.Of course, if it is not used properly, the metal chest ring may also cause irritation or discomfort to the skin, and it may not be a suitable choice for men with sensitive skin.

Suitable for nipple sensitive underwear

If your nipples are more sensitive, you can consider some protective design when choosing underwear.For example, the design of some underwear will strengthen the fit of the nipples, making the nipple lines more obvious, and at the same time, it can also protect the nipples from being harmed due to friction and other behaviors.

Adaptal paste

For some men who wear sexy underwear just for a long time, mucus sticks are a very practical choice.The sticky breasts do not need to be paired with underwear with a suitable size, just stick the mucus paste around the chest.However, it should be noted that the effect of mucuttrack stickers is not obvious. It may not be the most suitable choice for men who really want to experience sexy effects.


Although bra is usually wearing underwear, some men also choose to wear bra.However, it should be noted that men wearing bras are often stimulated by some special activities or dating, not based on sexy value orientation.In addition, you need to pay attention to screening underwear suitable for men, don’t just put on a women’s bra.

"Butterfly" fake chest

The "butterfly" fake chest is a bulging design specifically for men’s chest. It is usually made of kapok and polyurethane raw materials.Like the vest, its design is relatively simple. Its main role is to enhance the lines and silhouettes of men’s breasts, which looks more plump.However, it should be noted that improper fake chest design is also easy to fall off, so you must pay attention to quality and comfort when choosing.


Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to be considered according to different gender, body shape, skin tone and other aspects, and what kind of sexy underwear wearing is the most suitable problem for their chests. It must also be judged according to personal circumstances.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only show your sexy charm better, but also improve your self -confidence and sense of charm.I hope this article can provide some useful references and references for men’s choice of sexy underwear.

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