What does it feel like sexy underwear beads

What does it feel like sexy underwear beads

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which often has the characteristics of sexy and tempting.Beads are a design element of sexy underwear, which can increase its visual and touch effects.So, what does it feel like sexy underwear beads?This article will answer you.

1. Types of beads

There are many types of sexy underwear beads, and common ones include silicone beads, glass beads, metal beads, crystal beads, etc.Different types of beads have different touch and weight, giving people different feelings.

2. A sense of fit

Interesting underwear beads are usually stuck on underwear, with the skin of the body.The existence of beads can increase the sense of fit and the body, make the underwear more fit the body, and it is not easy to loosen.At the same time, the bulging of beads can also cause the skin’s tiny stimuli, bringing a sense of pleasure.

3. Touch

Different types of beads have different touch.The silicone beads are soft and elastic, and they feel warm and smooth; glass beads are cold and smooth, and the touch feels a little cool; metal beads are cold and hard, which increases the body’s texture.Different touch brings different feelings, making people involuntarily want to touch and feel.

4. A sense of weight

Some sexy underwear beads are heavier, especially metal beads and crystal beads.The sense of weight can bring a sense of security and stability, reducing the possibility of loose underwear.At the same time, the sense of weight can also increase the sense of oppression and bring sexy effects.

5. Stimulation

The design of sexy underwear beads is often to increase the sense of irritation.For example, in some shock underwear, beads can shake with the vibration, bringing a pleasure and excitement.At the same time, the bulging of beads can also stimulate the sensitive area of the body and bring a stronger feeling.

6. Swing up

Some sexy underwear beads can be swinged, such as underwear with pendants, mini skirts, etc.The design of the bead swing increases the dynamic of the underwear, the movement of the body, and more sexually moved.

7. Decoration

Interest underwear beads can increase the visual effects of underwear and bring a sense of decoration to underwear.Some sexy underwear beads have unique shapes and bright colors, making underwear more attractive and more personalized.

8. Interaction with your partner

Interest underwear beads can increase the interaction and interest experience with the partner.For example, in some sex games, the presence of beads can increase more stimuli and pleasure, making sex more interesting and exciting.At the same time, beads can also increase visual effects and make the partner more fascinating.

9. Note

When buying and wearing sexy underwear beads, you need to treat it with caution.First of all, choose a brand and channel with formal certification to avoid buying inferior sexy underwear.Secondly, when wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to hygiene and cleaning to avoid skin infection.

10. Conclusion

Interesting underwear beads have a variety of feelings, which can increase the stimulation, visual effects and dynamics of underwear.When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, you need to consider factors such as materials, styles, brands, and pay attention to hygiene and cleaning.In short, sexy underwear beads are a design element that brings more pleasure and sexual interest.

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