What should I do if my child buys sexy underwear?

What should I do if my child buys sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and seductive underwear, which is usually purchased and used by adults.However, with the development of society and the changes in people’s ideas, some young people have also begun to like this type of underwear.If you find that your child is buying sexy underwear, you may feel worried and confused.So, what should I do if children buy interesting underwear?The following will provide you with a solution.

Take an open attitude to communicate

Don’t be too nervous and excited when you find that your child is buying sexy underwear, because it may hinder your communication with your child.On the contrary, you should take an open attitude and talk to your children.By asking the child’s thoughts and motivations, understand his or her real needs and ideas.Do not adopt the attitude of blame or criticism, which will only cause the relationship between children and parents to be more tense.

Understand the safety and hygiene of love underwear

Sex underwear is usually made of sexy materials, such as lace, leather and silk.These materials are not only seductive, but also have certain hidden dangers of sanitation.Therefore, before talking about the problem, parents should study the safety and hygiene of sexy underwear and teach their children the correct hygiene knowledge.This can avoid risks such as infection diseases.

Establish understanding and trust

Interest underwear is different from other underwear, and it represents a sexy and confident.This may be one of the reasons why children buy sexy underwear.When you try to prohibit children from buying sexy underwear, it may cause the child’s resentment and dissatisfaction.On the contrary, you should try your best to understand the child and build trust and understanding with him or her, so that the child feels that you are on the same side as him or her.

Provide correct guidance and suggestions

Some children buy sexy underwear because of curiosity or follow -up.In this case, parents should play the role of instructors, put forward correct suggestions and suggestions, and give their children the correct guidance.For example, parents can explain the issues of health and hygiene to their children, tell them how to pay attention when buying sexy underwear, and instruct them how to wear it correctly.

The cost of controlling children

Interest underwear is usually high. One of the reasons for some children to buy sexy underwear is to show off.Parents should master the child’s cost to prevent children from spending a lot of money when buying sexy underwear.If your child wants to buy sexy underwear, you can discuss discount information such as coupons and promotion with your child, so that children can get sexy satisfaction without spending less.

Proper purchase behavior according to the child’s age

Sex underwear is usually a underwear used by talents.If your child is young, you should not buy sexy underwear.Parents can provide appropriate guidance and education based on their children’s age to prevent improper purchase behavior.

Understand your child’s motivation

Parents should understand the motivation for children to buy sexy underwear.It may be because the child is at a stage of sexual maturity and wants to explore new experiences and feelings; it may be because the child is seeking self -expression and self -understanding way, hoping to wear sexy underwear to increase self -confidence.When you understand your child’s motivation, you can better guide your child.

Correctly recognize sexy underwear

People have different views and attitudes of sexy underwear. Some people think that it is a tool for seduce and deception, while others think it is a way of self -confidence and self -expression.Parents should correctly recognize sexy underwear and guide their children to form a correct attitude and values in the education and guidance of knowledge.


Children buying sex underwear are not what parents expect, but it is not a bad thing.When you find that your child buys sexy underwear, you should establish contact and trust with the child to let the child understand the impact of their behavior.Compared with traditional sanitary underwear, sexy underwear has more sexy and seductive factors, but the core of the problem is how to avoid potential sanitation risks and control costs.Therefore, when children buy sexy underwear, their parents’ attitudes and behaviors, as well as proper guidance and suggestions for their children, are very important.

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