What should I do if my sexy underwear is gone?

What should I do if my sexy underwear is gone?

Interest underwear is a good choice to increase interest and fun between modern couples, but what if the sexy underwear at home is gone?Here are some solutions, I hope to help you.

Confirm whether it was caught by mistake

First of all, confirm whether it was caught by other family members or visitors.It is best to ask directly, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or worry.

Check whether the wrong position is put

In the case of confirming that it has not been caught, we can check whether it is put in the wrong position. Sometimes we put underwear in a place where you do not often, or put it in a hidden corner.

Cap on underwear again

If you still do n’t find it, you can count the underwear again, especially the small underwear. Sometimes we forget that we have used some underwear or drop the underwear in a certain corner.

Check if it is lost outside

Sometimes we use sexy underwear outside, but if you put it in a handbag or clothes pocket after use, we may be easily lost accidentally. Be careful of this situation.

Check the washing machine and a dryer machine

If it is still not found in the above steps, you need to check the washing machines and jackets at home. These devices may sometimes stuck underwear inside, so check it out carefully.

Ask the cleaner

If you hire a cleaner to clean the room, you can try to ask them the situation to see if it is a situation where it is mistaken or lost at home.

View security camera record

If the above methods are not found, then you need to check the records of security cameras at home to see if there are suspicious behaviors.

Buy new sexy underwear again

If you can’t find it after the above steps, you can only buy it again.After all, sexy underwear is a very private item. If it is not that it can be retrieved, it is best not to use underwear used by others.


The above is a solution to some fun underwear at home. I hope it will be helpful to you.When using sex underwear, it is best to mark it and attribute the underwear to a specific location. While it is convenient for yourself, it can also prevent unnecessary troubles.

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