What should I do if the sexy underwear is opened?

What should I do if the sexy underwear is opened?


For modern women, sexy underwear is no longer a necessary product they wear, but a prop to enhance sexual life experience.Many erotic underwear have a good sexy effect specifically for this, including a lot of opening design, but this design will cause many problems in wearing and cleaning.The following will be introduced in detail to the solution to the opening of the sexy underwear.

Stall problem

If your sexy underwear has a opening design, you will find that its gear is easy to fail during use.The only solution is to use special tools, such as patch or adhesives to repair, so that it can continue to use.

Underwear use period

The opening design will also affect the life of the sexy underwear, because its destruction will accelerate the aging process of underwear.Therefore, you should pay attention to the temperature and humidity of sexy underwear, and regularly replace the underwear with a long period of use to ensure lasting use.

Underwear disappearance problem

If your sexy underwear is designed with open panties, then this underwear will have the problem of disappearance of underwear.Although this underwear is very sexy, it is by no means an ideal choice for daily underwear.

How to better wear open pants style sexy underwear

1. First of all, choose higher -quality sexy lingerie materials, such as lace, silk or cotton. These materials are more durable and easier to clean.

2. Secondly, to avoid disappearance of underwear by replacing open panties for closed underwear.Using closed underwear can not only maintain hygiene, but also avoid potential embarrassment.

3. Finally, follow the cleaning guide and pay attention to compression and storage to improve the life of sexy underwear.

Cleaning program

Sex underwear must be cleaned regularly to maintain its good hygiene.Regardless of whether the underwear is opened, it should follow the cleaning instructions or the precautions of the suggestion.

Clean product

Because sexy underwear is made of special materials, you should choose proper cleaning products.You can find product cleaner on websites such as Zisha Sanitary Ware and Xinyue Home.

Material maintenance

Interest underwear requires special maintenance to ensure its long -term beauty and maintaining peace and elegance.Avoid exposure to the sun to ensure the quality of fabrics and colors.


Interest underwear is not only a sanitary clothing, but also a powerful weapon to improve the sexual life experience.In any case, we must carefully use the use and maintenance of sexy underwear to ensure their long -term use.

Another suggestion

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the appropriate type and style according to your body characteristics, activities and budgets.Do not easily buy sexy underwear with inaccurate volume or inadequate style, which will affect the wearing and performance of the underwear.


Although the opening design of sexy underwear may make it more sexy and pure, it still needs to pay attention to some details and problems.Through the correct treatment and cleaning, we can make sex underwear more effectively serving us.

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