Where is my wife buying sex underwear?

Where is my wife buying sex underwear?

Sex underwear is no longer a strange vocabulary for modern women, especially for women who want to improve their sexy charm.But for some men, they do not understand why women buy sexy underwear to wear. Today, we will come to popularize the question of what kind of sexy underwear for his wife.

1. Improve women’s self -confidence

Now that beauty has become the basic demand for women in society. In order to meet this needs, women will pay more attention to their appearance dressing. The erotic underwear gives women a chance to show her beautiful figure.A more charming side.

Second, add fun life fun

Interest underwear can add a warm interest to the increasingly bland life for couples.Not only can it increase the desire between each other, but also help the couple recover enthusiasm.

3. Enhance love relationship

Some husbands and wives need some stimuli to have more love. The appearance of sexy underwear has strengthened the relationship between husband and wife, increases the attractiveness of each other, and stimulates stronger love.

Fourth, satisfaction of sexual fantasies

In this society, sex fantasies are no longer a fresh topic, and sexy underwear can stimulate women’s sexual fantasies and make them get greater satisfaction.

5. Psychological regulation function

Some women have a large change in their body after their mothers, and they have suppressed their sexual desire to a certain extent. Interesting underwear can adjust the internal emotions through external help, let women regain self -confidence, and restore a free relaxation mentality.

6. The invincible sexy charm

Every woman likes to be praised and appreciated by others, and sexy underwear can give them such a feeling.Not only lovers, they can also be appreciated by the groups of themselves and the people around them.

7. Sexual imagination of sex

Each woman has her own sexual imagination, and sexy underwear provides strong support for inspiring women’s sexual imagination.Women can wear underwear fantasy to imagine that they are another role, and desire is perfectly satisfied.

8. Meet the aesthetic needs of men

For some aesthetic men, it is a enjoyment experience to see women wearing sexy underwear to show their sexy charm.Therefore, wives in sexy underwear can also meet men’s aesthetic needs.

Nine, increase the fun in life

In addition to the fun brought in sex life, sexy underwear can also add new fun to the daily life of the husband and wife.

10. Reflection of women’s personality charm

The current female identity is gradually upgraded, and the charm of personality is gradually valued.The wearing of sexy underwear can not only show women to show their sexy charm, but also reflect their independence, freedom and personality.

In short, it is normal and accepted by the society to buy fun underwear to better optimize herself, increase the fun of life, enhance self -confidence, and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

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