Where is the sexy underwear shop of Ai Chao?


Ai Chao is a physical store that provides high -quality erotic underwear. It is located in the city center, with convenient transportation and opening on the weekend.If you are looking for sexy and comfortable underwear, then you are right.

Style and type

Ai Chao offers a variety of different styles and types of sexy lingerie, including adult sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie, various sexual erotic lingerie, and so on.

Size selection

Ai Chao provides multiple size options to ensure that everyone can find the right size.Before buying, tailor and confirm the size with the clerk to ensure the most comfortable experience.

quality assurance

All the sexy underwear of Ai Chao is a high -quality product that has been strictly screened. You can buy it with confidence.If you are not satisfied with the product, we will provide return and replacement services.

Washing instructions

When buying, please read the washing instructions carefully.So as not to cause damage to the underwear during washing.In short, before cleaning, carefully read the tag to avoid any unnecessary losses.


Before purchasing, the clerk can be required to provide a trial service to ensure the correctness of the size and the appropriateness of the product.Never buy blindly and regret yourself.

Package sales

Ai Chao also provides a package of sexy underwear. When buying multiple underwear, you can enjoy a more favorable price.Buy more and save more.


Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions.Before buying, consider the occasions you need to ensure that the purchased underwear is suitable for your own needs.


Correct maintenance can extend the life of sexy underwear.See the washing instructions on the packaging to ensure the correct maintenance method.Keeping, cleaning, and avoiding excessive friction can ensure the durability of sexy underwear.


Sex underwear is a symbol of self -confidence for many people.Select and use correctly to make you more confident and comfortable.Choose your ideal erotic underwear in Ai Chao, you can not only get the right size, but also experience high -quality products and good customer services.

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