Why doesn’t he sell sexy underwear anymore?


He is a well -known domestic sexual product sales platform. He has previously sold sex underwear categories. However, recently he has stopped selling sexy underwear. Many users want to know why they are not sold.This article will discuss this issue.

Definition of sexy underwear:

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy dress, mainly designed to stimulate human sexual desire and sexual fantasy, mainly including the styles of various manufacturing processes such as sexy underwear, sexy underwear, and adult products.

The advantage of selling sexy underwear once:

Sales of sexy underwear means that the company can provide customers with comprehensive sex supplies, including sexy underwear and sexy underwear, which has expanded the company’s customer base.For those who seek more excitement and pleasure, sexy underwear is a perfect choice.

Reasons for stopping underwear sales:

It is reported that the sales of sexy underwear have stopped. It may be that his fun company tries to focus on a wider and more common scope of sex to meet the needs of their customers.

Changes in the customer group:

With the opening of the Chinese consumer market, more and more Chinese men and women are willing to spend money to buy sex supplies.This change leads to market demand. It needs to be updated. The sales of some products have stabilized, and some new products have been introduced into the market. They also grow rapidly.

The gradual rise of alternative supplies:

Although the sex underwear market is still growing, another sexual product market has gradually emerged, which is SM and BDSM.SM and BDSM takes time and effort, which requires a certain degree of skills, and needs to reach a consensus with each other, but once a consensus is reached, they can allow people to achieve a deeper sexual pleasure in erotic supplies.

More choices:

Interest underwear is a product of personal preferences, and sometimes it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.In contrast, more and more types of sexual supplies gradually enter the consumer market, which will also reduce the customer’s needs for sexy underwear.

Introduction of relevant national policies:

In recent years, the country’s supervision and attention to the sexual supplies industry has become higher and higher, and the qualifications of sexual products have become more important.As a leader in domestic sexual supplies, his fun company has been closely concerned by the regulatory authorities.

Thinking of the company’s development strategy:

In the future, his fun company needs to think about how to better meet the needs of customers and provide more products and services of innovative categories.This is also the core goal of his fun company in the future development plan.

in conclusion:

For many sexual pleasure explorers, sexy underwear is still a way to get enjoyment and pleasure, but for various reasons, his fun company chooses to stop selling fun underwear.Its suspension is one of the natural results of industry changes.For consumers and enterprises, in the future, we will face more stringent policies and compliance quality requirements, so we can also look forward to seeing more innovative and high -quality sex products products enter the market to meet people’s needs.

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