Will my husband like you to wear sexy underwear?


Sexy underwear can add fun to sex life, and many women have the same doubts when buying sexy underwear: Will my husband like me to wear sex underwear?Does this make him feel a bit too excessive or uncomfortable?This article will present you some insights on sexy underwear to help you understand your husband’s views on sexy underwear, and how to make him interested in it.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear includes a variety of underwear, bikinis and other clothing, and some naked bodies are exposed to add sexy, temptation and sex atmosphere.

Will my husband like me to wear sexy underwear?

This is a question that many women, especially novices, are confused.In fact, in addition to a very few conservative men, most men like their women to try some sexy and tempting outfits. Interest underwear is one of them.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

First, choose a style that is suitable for your body and age.Secondly, consider the taste and aesthetics of her husband.In addition, pay attention to time and occasions, do not wear too exposed sexy underwear on serious occasions or daily life.

How to make her husband interested in sexy underwear?

You can use some techniques, such as: draw a few sexy underwear at home for her husband to help choose, or presented sexy underwear as surprises during a date or important anniversary.In addition, you can use sexy underwear in sex to add pleasure, making it easier for your husband to accept this kind of clothing.

Should sex underwear stay in the bedroom?

uncertain.If you want to show your sexy charm, you can also use sexy underwear in dressing.However, you must not wear sexy underwear in the office or other work occasions.

How to clean sexy underwear?

Interest underwear should be classified and cleaned.Generally speaking, it is best to use specially purchased underwear cleaner instead of using ordinary detergents.In addition, the sexy underwear should not be washed with hot water, nor can it be dried with a drying rack.

What are the types of sexy underwear?

There are many types of erotic underwear.Among them, the most common sexy underwear includes sexy bra, bikini, pantyhose, drama underwear, sling straps, lace, lace, etc., and various styles provide consumers with diverse choices.

The size of sexy underwear is difficult to choose?

Sometimes the size of sexy underwear confuses consumers.It is recommended that consumers understand their true size before buying. For some parts that cannot be measured accurately, they can choose a slightly loose sexy underwear according to the conventional size.

How to wear sexy underwear to add sexual pleasure?

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose a compatible style, but too tight erotic underwear may also enhance the pleasure in sex.When wearing sexy lingerie, you should try different postures and interests to increase the sexy atmosphere of the body.


Some men can’t like women to wear sexy underwear. If your other half is the same, why not try to wear sexy underwear?Choose the type and style that suits you, plus appropriate skills and surprises, sexy underwear will be a good choice to add pleasure and fun.

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