American 2017 sex underwear show

2017 American Instead Underwear Show

At the Fashion Week every year, the most anticipated lingerie show is the show.As one of the most popular catwalks in the fashion industry, the sexy underwear show shows the world’s self -confidence and beauty to the world through a sexy, stunning and open design style.In 2017, the American Inspection Underwear Show ignited the fire of the stars again, which inspired people’s discussions on fashion and gender.

Sexy avant -garde brand: Wei Mi Show

Victoria’s secret is undoubtedly the giant in the sexy underwear industry.Wei Mi Show has always combined sexy and avant -garde, which surprises the audience.In the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Show, various exaggerated shapes, amazing runway effects, and gorgeous stage scenes made the audience enjoy it.

The choice of civilians: La Senza

La Senza is a choice of civilians, but it is not the same as products with low quality.This brand has been committed to providing women with high -quality underwear products while price -friendly.La Senza admires nature and sexy, and embellish colors and styles with gentle details to make people feel beautiful in ordinary.

Innovation Lab: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a unique brand, and its research institute has contributed.There, various experiments make the brand’s design more strange and the craftsmanship is more wonderful.Its iconic design style and high -end fabrics have won many fans for the brand.

Pure color: Journelle

Journelle is a brand that turns colors into art.In Journelle’s underwear, each color is given an emotion, each of which is like a contemporary art, showing people different charm of underwear.

The perfect fusion of the functional module: Savage X FENTY

Savage X Fenty is a brand launched by Rihanna, and its design inspiration comes from sports and wonderful tailoring.This brand advocates natural, healthy, and comfortable, and respects the perfect fusion of functional modules, so that people can feel the beauty of life while enjoying multiculturalism.

Respecting and elegant LV underwear

LV underwear is Louis Vuitton’s underwear brand.The brand’s underwear is completely hand -made, and the overall design style is full of noble, elegant, noble and simple atmosphere.It is a symbol of the brand and a distinguished symbol.

Gorgeous sexy underwear: Rihanna

Lihanna’s brand brought a shock to the sexy underwear market.The brand’s design style is gorgeous and sexy, showing women’s confidence in artistic way.Each underwear is designed as art, making people feel excited.

Gentle girl style: HoneyBirdette

HoneyBirdette is a brand from Australia. It has won the love of women around the world with a gentle girl style.The brand’s underwear design not only sticky red, but also exudes a girlish atmosphere, allowing people to experience the essence of the brand in the details.

Romantic print: Bluebella

Bluebella is a romantic underwear brand.The brand is inspired by printing, and the design of the body and mind brings a relaxed and comfortable feeling for people who love nature and art.The brand audience is wide and won the favor of people.

The above is some classic brands in the 2017 American Inskirts Show.Each sexy underwear has its own unique charm, and in different scenarios, they can create their own charm for women.Interest underwear is not only a kind of item, but also a representative of women’s confidence and beauty.Their appearance represents the world’s continuous exploration and recognition of women.

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