Bathing liquid sex lingerie novel

Bathing liquid sex lingerie novel


Interest underwear may make people feel sexy, seductive and passionate, but to keep sexual blessing, the proper cleaning and maintenance of sex products is necessary.Finding the ideal combination in sexy underwear and bath liquid is a thing worth exploring.

The matching of sexy underwear and bath liquid

For customers who buy sexy underwear, it is very important to choose underwear suitable for bathing liquid.Some materials such as lace and velvet are particularly sensitive to certain harmful ingredients, so you must choose a bath liquid that does not cause allergies to the skin, so as to make the underwear more lasting, without losing color and deformation.

Different types of bath solution

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In the market, there are various types of bath liquids to choose from, and bath liquids that can be used for sexy underwear usually include organic and cleaning materials.Some bath liquid contain additives, such as flower aroma and fruity aroma, while others are naturally flavored, such as mint or tea tree essential oil.When choosing a bath solution, you should choose a bath liquid suitable for your skin quality and sexy underwear materials.

How to use the bath solution to clean the sexy underwear

Cleaning erotic underwear needs to follow some rules.After wet the underwear, gently apply the shower solution to the underwear, and rub it gently, but do not rub it hard to avoid destroying the fabric.Rinse, dry the water with a dry towel, and then dry it naturally in the ventilation.

Clean sex lingerie for a long time

You can use a laundry bag to protect the erotic underwear from being damaged by other items. Be careful not to wash it with infected or white -containing items.Regular cleaning can maintain the durable use of sexy underwear, avoid bacterial breeding and residues of other harmful substances, and maintain safety and health.

Cleaning method under specific circumstances

There are different cleaning methods for sexy underwear used in different scenarios.For example, for sexy underwear with electronic components, try to avoid contact with water and bath liquid.You can use some specialized cleaning appliances to maintain.For leather and rubber sexy underwear, professional cleaner can be used for cleaning and maintenance.

Pay attention to hygiene in the selection and use of bath liquid

When using bath liquid, pay attention to hygiene.The bath solution should be separated from other personal care products to avoid pollution.In addition, when using the bath solution, you should also pay attention to personal hygiene protection measures such as hand washing and bathing to avoid cross -infections caused by negligence.

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Replace sexy underwear and bath liquid regularly

Sex underwear needs to be replaced regularly because this can be replaced with underwear that has been worn or damaged due to quality problems.At the same time, after a period of time, the bath liquid will also lose its effect. It is recommended to replace the shower solution every six months, which can ensure a better cleaning effect.


Interest underwear is an important part of promoting health.How to clean and maintain sexy underwear correctly can provide the best protection for your health and safety.The correct choice and use of the bath solution can provide a better way for the cleanliness of sexy underwear to ensure that you can fully enjoy the sexual blessing it brings every time you use.