Breast -rich giant beauty wearing fun underwear

Breast -rich giant beauty wearing fun underwear


Sex underwear is a necessity for modern women.As some feminists say, modern women can not only express their own needs like men in terms of work and learning, but also can even express their needs like men.Interest underwear also plays this role, becoming the incarnation of women’s confidence and sexy.So, how do women with big hips choose sexy underwear suitable for them?

Choose the right size

For women with busty giant hips, it is essential to choose a suitable size.Too small erotic underwear will make the chest and hips look bigger, but lack of comfort; on the contrary, too large erotic underwear will make you look not sexy enough.Therefore, before buying a sexy underwear, you must measure your bust and hips, and refer to the size table to select the appropriate size.

Material selection

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Material is very important for the comfort and texture of sexy underwear.Women with bustling giant hips should choose soft and comfortable, breathable materials, such as cotton, silk and lace.These materials can not only make you feel more comfortable in sex, but also make your skin healthier.

Select style

For women with big hips, various styles of sexy underwear have suitable choices.If you want to highlight your milk, you can choose a low -cut tailoring or front -buckled sexy underwear.For women who want to highlight the hips, you can choose high waist pants or sling -cut underwear.In short, when choosing a style, choose according to your body characteristics.

Sexy colors

Choosing color is also an important aspect.Usually the color of sexy underwear is bolder, such as red, black, purple and other colors. These colors can give people a mysterious and sexy feeling.If you want to highlight your breasts with visual effects, you can choose bright colors, such as bright red or bright yellow.

Selection of accessories

Sex underwear can also be paired with various accessories to make your sexy attributes more significant.You can select accessories, gloves, lace veils and other accessories to enrich your shape.In particular, some erotic underwear also comes with shoulder straps, suspenders and other accessories, which can be used or inside according to your needs.

Focus on details

The details of sexy underwear are also very important, including the processing of lace and detail decoration.For women with big hips, breasts and hips as key parts need to be focused on.Choose texture and geometric patterns to emphasize your curve so that your figure can be more sexually moved.If you choose a soft texture underwear, you can choose transparent lace to increase the visual effect.


Hand washing maintenance

Keeping the beauty of sexy underwear requires careful care.The best way is to wash it with warm water and fiber mixture.Wash with cold water, do not use hot water.Wipe it gently with a towel after washing.Also pay attention to avoid using the dryer for drying.If you need to dry, it is recommended to dry it in a ventilated place.

Share with your partner

Finally, sexy underwear is not only masturbation, but also can be shared with partners.Wearing sexy sexy underwear will increase the interaction and heat between you and your partner.Together with the sexual life of sexy underwear together, the distance between the two can be shortened and the feelings between each other.

in conclusion

In sexy and sexy underwear, women with bustling giant hips can also find the most suitable styles and accessories for them.Whether you buy sexy underwear to meet your own needs or share with your partner, you must choose underwear that is suitable for your body and comfort.In this way, we can show the most beautiful side of women and get true freedom and happiness in sexual life.