Chinese sex lingerie catwalk show video

Chinese sex lingerie catwalk show video

The design of China’s sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, becoming the new darling of the fashion industry, and many well -known brands have incorporated it into their own design.In recent years, the fun underwear catwalk has also become a popular event, which has attracted many fashion enthusiasts to watch.

Sexy style

Sexy is the basic element of sexy underwear. Designers constantly innovate their styles and forms to attract more people’s attention.In China’s sexy lingerie catwalk video, the sexy style is the main title. The designer uses various metal decoration and hollow design to add symmetrical shapes to make the underwear more attractive and be favored by young people.

Unique material

In addition to design, the material of the sexy underwear has also become a new breakthrough point.The materials such as silk, mesh, leather and other materials have fully played the sexy role of sexy underwear.In the catwalk video, the designers, such as silk and lace, with modern materials, such as plastic and diagonal cotton, mix together, and even use paper and wire to give people a new feeling.


Tailoring has also become an indispensable part of sexy underwear design.The fine tailoring process can better reflect the figure of women.In China’s sexy lingerie catwalk video, designers use various tailoring methods, such as triangles and trapezoids, as well as left and right symmetrical and asymmetric design, making women more confident in underwear.

Color matching

The use of color is also a highlight of Chinese sexy underwear design.The designers boldly adopt a combination of various colors, such as black, red, pink and white, etc., and match them according to different materials and styles.The use of this color increases the visual effect of sexy underwear, making people shine.


Sexy is not only naked and exposed, but also expresses through various postures and methods.In China’s sexy underwear catwalk video, designers have carried their diversity to the extreme.They use various models and styles, such as jackets, vests, and T -shaped types. At the same time, they also use combinations of different materials and colors to make sexy underwear more diverse.

Break through tradition

Most of the traditional sexy underwear is European and American style, but Chinese sex lingerie catwalk videos show Chinese style.The designer cleverly uses Chinese elements, such as python patterns and embroidery, so that the sexy underwear has a brand new look and reflects the development trend of Chinese fashion.

Environmental awareness

In the era when environmental awareness is prevalent, China’s sexy underwear catwalk video also shows the characteristics of environmental protection.Designers have reduced underwear made of synthetic fiber, and more natural materials, such as bamboo fiber and organic cotton, to reduce pollution to the environment.

Open -minded

In Chinese sex lingerie catwalk video, people’s attitude towards sexy underwear is gradually open.Interest underwear is no longer synonymous with sexy and pornography, and is accepted and liked by more and more people.This not only reflects people’s attitude towards sex, but also reflects the trend of contemporary fashion.


The emergence of Chinese erotic lingerie show not only shows the ingenuity and innovation of Chinese designers, but also releases sexy underwear in a traditional sense, and presents diversity and environmental awareness.In the future design, more elements and space for development will be explored, bringing people more visual and physical joy.

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