European and American large -size sexy underwear display

European and American large -size sexy underwear display


European and American sexy underwear has always been sexy and bold representatives.Although traditional concepts believe that underwear should be tight and depressed, the European and American brands always maintain their own style and are full of freedom and relaxation. Therefore, many women like European and American sex underwear very much.This article will show you the large -scale sexy underwear in Europe and the United States, hoping to give you some inspiration.

Black lace underwear suit

Black is called "universal color" in the European and American underwear.This black lace underwear suit uses high -quality materials, exquisite lace design and close tailoring to show your body lines.For women with large size needs, this underwear suit provides a rich size choice to fully meet the needs of different figures.

Transparent sexy underwear suit

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Transparent underwear has always been one of the representatives of European and American sexy underwear. This set is made of light mesh and sexy lace, covering your front part of your body.The transparent design on both sides not only shows a natural curve, but also quite sexy.Transparent underwear is believed to be the choice of many women. Women who want to show their charm can try it with confidence.

Underwear set with sexy back

One of the most common styles in European and American sexy underwear is the naked and sexy back. This black underwear suit continues this style.It uses soft fabrics and large -area hollow design, covering lace and beads.This design is very delicate on the back and hem, not only moving with them, but also exudes the unique charm of women.

Bold and sexy lace underwear

The lace is also very common in European and American sexy underwear. This design details are more obvious.This underwear sleeve uses a large area of lace design as a whole, which has the characteristics of covering but not sexy.For women with large size needs, this lace underwear design can perfectly modify the figure and highlight the advantages of women.

Black lace skirt underwear

Skirt underwear is a classic style of European and beautiful underwear. This black lace skirt underwear is very suitable for women to wear when dating.It uses traditional lace design and soft texture, continuing the free and relaxing style of European and American underwear.At the same time, this design integrates the elements of underwear and swimsuit. It is very suitable for women who don’t like swimsuit but want to try looseness.

Metal -themed Fun Planets

Metal elements are also very common in underwear design. This underwear is decorated with metal tone and slender chain decoration, highlighting the unique style of women.Metal -themed underwear is loved by many young women, and can show the unique charm and personality of women.

Bustiers & Corsets

Underwear suite full of futuristic sense

Future sense is very popular in European and American sexy underwear design. This set uses metal tone and polishing plastic materials, which visually gives a sense of avant -garde and fashionable feeling.Some young women and tide people like this design very much, full of courage and innovation.

Multi -level underwear design

Some European and American underwear brands like to try multi -level wear in design, and many large -size women also appreciate this approach.This design can be visually added to some three -dimensional sense, and it can also make the underwear look more colorful.This black -designed underwear suit is a good example. It uses different materials and levels to make women feel that their underwear is very rich and elegant.

Little fresh flower underwear

Flowers are a very beautiful element. This design is very suitable for women who like small fresh styles and pastoral atmosphere.This underwear uses high -quality fabric and flower design, showing a natural and fresh effect.Especially for women who want to wear underwear in spring, this design may be a good choice.


European and American large -size sexy underwear is over. I hope that these styles can bring you some inspiration.Of course, European and American underwear design styles are diverse. This article only shows some of the selected styles.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended that women pay attention to their own comfort, find underwear to wear suitable for their body lines, and show their feminine charm.