Falling underwear below a line

Falling underwear below a line

Sex underwear below: accompany you sexy journey

Every woman is eager to have a sexy figure and show it at a special moment.Interest underwear has become an indispensable prop to show sexy.The "below" is one of the most important elements in sexy underwear.So, what kind of mysterious role does the little detail below the sex underwear?Below, let’s take a look at the secret of a line below the sexy underwear!

Part 1: Understand the line of love underwear below

The line below the sex lingerie is simply the edge line of the underwear, which is usually surrounded by the elastic material around the hips.It is sometimes called trousers, trousers, vitality, or sports lines, but in fact, its role is very similar.When putting on pants or underwear, this line must always fit the skin.

Part 2: The type of a line below the sex underwear

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According to different types of sexy underwear and styles, the line under the sex underwear will also be different.Common sexy underwear can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Three -point underwear: This is the most commonly used sexy lingerie style.It is characterized by the three parts behind -two boundary lines with a small triangle containing the crotch, which forms three support parts. The material is mostly tulle or lace fabric.This design is not only in line with aesthetics, but also air permeability.

2.T -like underwear: In addition to providing basic cover needs, there are no many setting sides.This makes the lines more concise, and it is full of hazyness while sexy.The triangular fabric inside is connected by a slight belt, and the mesh surface of the shoulder is on the surface and swaying on the shoulders, attracting attention.In addition, there are some sexy underwear with high waist bodies, which are usually richer and complicated.

Part II

The function of a line below the sex underwear is a lot of advantages, not only beautiful, but also to make you feel different sexy beauty.Therefore, the line under the sex underwear has the following functions:

1. Supporting force: The material of the lines under the sex underwear is usually strictly selected.The lines are tightly surrounded by the hip curve, which can put a certain pressure on the hip muscles to achieve the effect of pushing the buttocks.

2. Body shape is beneficial: the lines below the sex underwear can also help shape the sexy curve.This allows your body curve to be more advantageous when sexy.

3. Breathing: The quality of the underwear with better quality is also added with breathable treatment.At the same time, it is also an important tool for creating a special charming impression.

Part 4: The material of a line below the sexy underwear

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As mentioned earlier, the lines below the sex underwear are usually made of elastic fabrics or lace.In addition, the line below the high -quality erotic underwear is made of cotton, which can ensure comfort and breathability to the greatest extent.

Part 5: The background of the lines below the erotic underwear

In the past, frankly, underwear is not so praise and talked about.However, sexy underwear has promoted a new standard, that is, women’s underwear can not be discussed embarrassingly.Later, the design of the underwear began to pay more attention to the beauty and softness of the lines.

Part 6: The way to wear below the sexy underwear

When this small design details are involved, the way of dressing becomes particularly critical.According to personal habits and situations, there are several ways to wear:

1. Low waist underwear: slightly slippery, more comfortable when wearing.

2. High waist underwear: Although some tightness, it can better control the waist lines and the waist is more slender.It can also avoid the exposure of underwear and unnecessary hip pressure.

Part 7: The color of the lines below the erotic underwear

The choice of color is a manifestation of a person’s personality, and the lines below the sex underwear are no exception.Generally, the dark color will look better in the choice of color of the underwear, making the body lines more obvious.

Part 8: Overall evaluation

Sex underwear designers put as diversified mixing as possible under their trademarks.Pure colored underwear and dynamic sports underwear are effective excellence.Regardless of the personality, everyone can find a sexy underwear that suits them. These underwear are suitable for most occasions, and they are a charming little master.


The design of sexy underwear is getting better and better, and these tiny details have brought more confidence and natural beauty to women.From internal links, to manufacturing technology, it has been pushed to extraordinary masterpieces step by step to make the charm of sex more natural, which is the current trend of the underwear industry.