Fiction of sexy underwear for girlfriends

Fiction of sexy underwear for girlfriends

1. Female clerk selling sexy underwear

I am an ordinary office worker, and I have been with my girlfriend for two years.Recently, I found that my girlfriend was very interested in sexy underwear, so I came to a sexy lingerie shop. A warm female clerk introduced various styles of sexy underwear. To be honest, I also knew that there were so many choices.

2. Video demonstration makes his girlfriend excited

The female clerk told me that this shop also opened a Taobao shop at the same time, with various forms of video demonstrations to help customers better understand the effect of underwear.I went home and browsed the website of this shop with girlfriend. She saw it very excited, and even took some videos in the test room, so that I had some expectations.

3. Girlfriend dislikes her body

The next day we came to that sexy underwear shop again, and his girlfriend began to choose underwear.However, she was a little hesitant to put some underwear with inappropriate sizes back to the shelf, saying that her body was not good enough.

4. Goodwill clerks suggest girlfriend

The clerk did not show his displeased expression, but said, "Everyone is unique, and it is the sexiest to show his body confidently." I admire her point of view, and my girlfriend gradually let go of her concerns.confidence.

5. Finally chose a set

After some selection, my girlfriend finally chose a set of underwear suitable for her.After putting it on, she was very beautiful in the mirror, and she really looked like.I can see that she is very satisfied with her choice. She decided to show me a show, but I was attracted.

6. Private moments

In the evening, we returned home, and our girlfriend put on a sexy underwear.Under my gaze, she became vivid and began to show me the other side of her, which made me feel very excited.

7. Deeper understanding and interaction

When wearing a sexy lingerie, my girlfriend seems to be more confident, and that kind of confidence and sexy also infected me.At this special moment, we felt a deeper understanding and interaction, making our feelings closer.

8. The final point of view

Interest underwear can not only increase women’s self -confidence, but also increase the taste and interaction between men and women.However, we should clarify that the essence of underwear is to serve women, not just for men’s appreciation.Only when women feel comfortable, confident and satisfied, can they better show their beauty and charm.

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