Fun underwear green temptation

Fun underwear green temptation

1. Green charm

The green, youthful, and vibrant green can always bring a good mood.Different from common black, red, and pink, green is a less conspicuous but very special color.In sexy underwear, green is usually used in lace, silk and cotton fabrics, giving people a fresh, soft and beautiful feeling.

2. Fresh taste

Different from strong smells such as floral fragrance and candy fragrance, the green atmosphere always reminds people of the fragrance of fresh grass and wood.In sexy underwear, we often see thin pajamas with green lace or sexy skirt with green silk.They are so fresh and refreshing, it seems to make people see the breath of spring.

3. The performance of green on different skin tone

Unlike red and black, green does not deliberately emphasize the color of the skin, which means that it can be significantly prominent under any skin color.In the yellow or dim people, green can make the skin more shiny and make people look bright.In white skin tone, green can enhance the rosy of the skin and highlight the softness and warmth of women.

4. Green wearing skills

Green erotic underwear can be matched with many different colors. It can be used to highlight the green brightness with black underwear. Matching with white underwear can make the whole person look softer.If you like more personalized ways, you can also try to mix and match green with brown or orange to easily create a warm feeling.

5. Selection of green sex underwear

Green erotic underwear is suitable for various occasions. For example, when you contact your partner intimately at home, you can also hold clothes on a dinner or holding a romantic night.Whatever occasion, green can always bring some mysterious and unrestrained atmosphere.

6. Selection of green sex underwear style

The style of green sex lingerie is very rich, including lace, silk, cotton, hanging neck, long pajamas and backless outfits.Different styles can be matched with very different effects.For example, a back -back pajamas are suitable for wearing on a warm night, and a more personalized hanging neck type can better show women’s personality and elegance.

7. Maintenance of green sex lingerie

In order to maintain the beauty of green sex lingerie, pay attention to correct maintenance.First of all, underwear should be washed with warm water, and detergents containing bleach cannot be used.Secondly, green sexy underwear should be avoided directly under the sun to avoid damage to the pigment.Finally, the underwear should be dried flat and dried at high temperature.

8. The wearing skills of green sex lingerie

When wearing green sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the color and model of the panties.If it is a lace -style sexy underwear, it is best to choose a seamless underwear to avoid exposure.In addition, it is best to use skin decorations with the same or similar color as underwear to avoid being too obtrusive.

9. Lace style of green sex lingerie

Lace is one of the common elements in sexy underwear and one of the common decorative styles of green sex underwear.Green lace sexy underwear is generally mainly simple and beautiful lines, with smooth lines, giving people a comfortable and soft feeling.It can be a half -set and full set, which can effectively highlight the feminine and sexy of women.

10. Green sexy underwear sexy dress

Green sexy dresses are usually elegant and sexy, and it makes people look bright.Usually ultra -short models, with thin silk and fine lace as materials, to shape the figure and charm of women’s beings.


Green erotic underwear is a very special variety. It is not as eye -catching as red or black, or as weak as pink.Green erotic underwear is suitable for people who like taste and quiet atmosphere. Its freshness and youth are always an incredible charm.Whether you want a unique appearance, or to highlight your beauty and elegance, green sexy underwear can become your first choice.

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