Fun underwear line drawing method pictures appreciation

Fun underwear line drawing method pictures appreciation


The design and production of sexy underwear requires many professional knowledge and skills.One of them is the use of lines.It is the composition and application of the lines that give the unique charm and personality of sexy underwear.This article will be based on pictures to show some painting and design about sexy liquid lines.

The use of straight and round lines

In the design of sexy underwear, the use of straight lines and round lines is particularly important.Some simple lines can pull the curve of the chest and hips, and have the effect of shaping.This also makes straight and round line an indispensable element of sexy underwear design.

The presence of curve beauty

The beauty of the curve of sex underwear is almost self -evident.Some of these designs can perfectly present the beauty of women’s body curves.Through the meticulous outline and design of the curve, women can show more plump and beautiful figure lines.

The sense of symmetry is prominent

Symmetry is another very important element in the design of sexy underwear.In terms of overall design or local structure, the feeling of symmetry can be impressed by people.This is why the style of sexy underwear is always left and right.

Treatment of line reversal

Authoritative designers often use linear reversal treatment in the design of sexy underwear.This reversal can achieve the effect of making women more beautiful and dynamic.In this design, the reversal of the lines is very critical, and it must be ensured that the entire design will not be too complicated.

Grid decoration style

During the design of sexy underwear, grid decoration is a very modern and fashionable element.This decoration design makes underwear more sexy and visual impact.At the same time, it can also increase the curve beauty of women’s breasts.

Use streamlined design

During the design process of sexy underwear, streamlined design is a very common method.This design reveals a dynamic that makes women look more slender.This design uses the flow of lines and the jump of curves to form an organic and exquisite whole.

Changes in material structure

The material structure of sex underwear is very diverse.In design, it is very important to use different materials for different design elements.Especially for the composition and presentation of the lines, the appropriate material choice can make the design more beautiful and smooth.

Change color and style changes

Color is also very important in the design of sexy underwear.Coloring can give different charm and personality of underwear.For different materials and design elements, it is very important to use different color coating schemes.At the same time, you can also use different style elements to make the design more layered.

Point of view

These are some details of the line drawing method in sexy underwear design.Although these paintings are a bit abstract, they can help designers better control the use of lines when designing and making sexy underwear.I hope that these designs can bring you inspiration and allow designers to create more and more excellent sexy underwear designs.

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