Funny men’s sexy underwear

Funny men’s sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only exclusive to women, but men can also wear sexy underwear to show their sexy side on the bed.However, if you like funny or funny ways to bring surprises and happiness to your partner, then today’s theme is tailor -made for you.Here are some funny men’s sexy underwear. I believe you can make you laugh with your partner.

Pirate underwear

Pirate underwear or pirate erotic underwear is one of the very popular male erotic underwear.It is usually black, white details and belt.Some even have a "pirate stick", which can remind you and your partner a very important information at any time, that is: you are a sexy pirate!

Ugly Christmas sweater

At Christmas, ugly sweaters are very popular because they are a humorous way to celebrate this festival.Men’s sexy underwear also appears similar to it, called ugly Christmas sweater.This underwear is usually green, with red and white patterns on it, which looks very funny.Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater on the bed, your partner will be very surprised!

Zombie underwear

If you want something interesting and horrible, you can choose to put on zombie underwear.This sexy underwear is usually gray or green, with blood and sorrowful face patterns.You can play a zombie character in bed, let you explore this world full of unknown and exciting!

Super hero underwear

If you want to show your hero, you can choose superhero underwear.This underwear is usually tight and equipped with a superhero logo or other badges.You can play a hero character in bed, save your partner in the deep water, and make her feel the happiness that you protect.

Pumpkin lamp underwear

Pumpkin lamp underwear usually appears before and after Halloween, which is a very interesting choice.This sexy underwear is usually orange and black, equipped with pumpkin and ghost patterns.You can wear this underwear in front of your partner on the night of Halloween, making her feel that you are a pumpkin lamp from the other side of the earth.

Zombie puppet underwear

Zombie puppets are a very different choice, but it can bring you certain benefits, especially for those who like black humor.This underwear is usually black, with old puppet patterns printed on it, and has some blood and scars.Wearing this underwear and imitating a puppet cursed by a witch in bed, it will definitely bring you a lot of fun to you and your partner!

Pizza Welling Pleuy

If you and your partner are pizza controls, then Pizza sex underwear may be a good choice.This underwear is usually red, with pizza -shaped patterns on it, and is usually equipped with some accessories, such as sponge or a bottle of tomato sauce.Wearing this underwear, you can play a sexy pizza chef, making your partner feel that you are extraordinarily delicious!

Bathrobe underwear

If you can endure some more traditional sexy underwear, then bathrobe underwear may be a good choice.This underwear is usually soft and comfortable, like a real bathrobe, with loose collar and cuffs.The bathrobe underwear can bring you and your partner some complete quilt time and enjoy a gentle hug on the bed, not just sex.

Cell tea sheet

One of the strangest male sexy underwear in the world is cell tea underwear.This underwear looks very strange, shaped like a jelly -like tea bubble.Cell tea underwear can bring you some very happy time with your partner, swinging on the bed, jumping like "tea bubbles", adding some special interaction.

Clown underwear

If you like funny clown characters, then clown sexy underwear may be your best choice.This underwear is usually colorful, full of dots and stripes, and there is a big smiley face pattern.You can play a cute and humorous clown on the bed, and use your smiley face to build a closer relationship with your partner.

All in all, these men’s erotic underwear are very interesting and funny choices. They can bring you some boring time to you and your partner, but also make your sex life more interesting and exciting.Choose the one that suits you and show your sense of humor in bed!

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