How to take the name of the sex underwear network is nice

How to take the name of the sex underwear network is nice

1. Brand positioning determine network name style

Before selecting the name of the network, we need to determine the positioning of the underwear brand.Is it a high -end luxury style, a sweet and fresh style, or a sexy charm style?These will affect the selection of the net name, because the brand image of the network name needs to be consistent with the brand style.

Second, the simple and easy -to -remember network name is easier to spread

A good net name needs to be simple and easy, which can make customers remember quickly and easy to spread.Don’t be too long, it is best to control within 3-6 words.At the same time, we must also pay attention to avoid using remote words or pinyin abbreviations, and it is not easy to be accepted and remembered by customers.

3. Promoting selling points to attract target customers

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Choose a good net name not only to match the brand image, but also to highlight selling points and attract target customers.For example, if your sexy underwear is focused on Japanese sweetness, the net name can use "lace dolls" and "cocoa love" and other names with obvious sweetness.

4. Avoid using indecent eyes or sensitive vocabulary

Although sexy underwear focuses on sexy and charming style, when taking the net name, you need to avoid using indecent eyes or sensitive words, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings to damage the brand image.

5. Refer to the brand name style of the same industry

Sometimes referring to the brand name method of the same industry is also a good choice, because this can better fit the target customers to establish brand awareness.But also avoid imitation and have your own characteristics.

6. The name of the network must meet the search engine optimization rules

Good search engine optimization (SEO) rules are the key to website traffic. Therefore, when selecting the network name, you must also follow the SEO optimization rules to ensure that the net name can be smoothly included and searching by search engines smoothly.

7. Not restricted by the traditional naming method of the traditional network

The traditional network name naming method is no longer applicable to the current market environment, so you can also consider some unique web naming methods.For example, playing with homophonic, Pinyin’s first letter combination, etc., can leave a deep impression on customers.

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8. Consider whether the network name is easy to register trademarks

After selecting the name of the network, we must also consider whether the trademark registration is likely to conflict, so as not to waste time and money.Therefore, it is best to conduct actual inquiries and applications as soon as possible after the network name is determined to ensure that the brand has no worries.

Nine, let customers feel brand cultural connotation

In addition to the brand image, the good net name should also make customers feel the brand cultural connotation.For example, the "petal lovers" net name not only expresses sweetness, but also contains the warmth and beauty of love.

10. Combining the product name to pick up the net name is better

If the brand name of the brand is already very loud, then you can consider combining the product name and the net name to strengthen the brand recognition and impression.Such as "beautiful satin", "fragrant flower romance" and so on.

When selecting the name of the sex underwear network, you need to consider many factors such as brand positioning, marketing needs, and SEO optimization. After selecting the name of the net, you must register for trademarks in time.The most important thing is that this net name can attract and retain target customers, reflect the brand’s cultural connotation, and finally realize the brand value improvement.