Jiangsu Fun Lingerie County

Jiangsu Fun Lingerie County: Pay attention to aesthetics and quality

The central part of Jiangsu Province has been the birthplace of China’s manufacturing industry since ancient times.The addition of the special category of sexy underwear has made the local real estate upgrade a new breakthrough.Jiangsu’s Info Underwear County has been born as a result, and has gone through nine years.In this nation’s first batch of sexy underwear characteristic towns, the sexy underwear here is difficult, high -quality, and unique in style. It is one of the representatives of sexy underwear in China and the world.Below, let’s learn about this special county.

1. Origin and formation (H2)

Jiangsu Funwear County was officially established by the "High -end Fashion Lingerie Industrial Park" district in Xinyi City in 2012. After approval by the provincial government, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Taxation Bureau, it was formally established.Its origin is a underwear research and development center established by local underwear entrepreneurs since 2010, aiming to provide brand and design support for local small and medium -sized underwear companies.Two years later, after a large number of market research and investigation, they found that there is still a lot of room for development in the global sexy underwear market. It was decided to use interest underwear as the lead to create a place for the global underwear brand.

2. Industrial planning and construction (H2)

In order to achieve this goal, the local government decided to change the original industrial park to "Jiangsu Funwear Industrial Park", and planned a number of areas such as design, research and development, testing, production, sales, and logistics.The first stage of industrial planning is mainly to work hard on the design. He hired designers from the world. He has launched several well -known sexy underwear series, winning a good reputation.

3. Brand leading and cultivation (H2)

In the brand building of the Interesting Underwear County, Jiangsu, the local government also participated in a lot.The government has provided multiple support for local sexy underwear companies, encouraging them to gradually transform from production -oriented enterprises to brand -oriented enterprises.To this end, the government has established the Jiangsu Sex Lingerie Association and specialized brand marketing departments to assist enterprises to build independent brands.

4. Industry Association Organization and Activity (H2)

In order to ensure the interests of the enterprise in the industrial park, Jiangsu’s Info Underwear County has established the Sex Underwear Industry Association, which has significantly enhanced the cohesion of the industrial chain.The establishment of the association has further promoted the development of the local sex underwear industry, and provides a wide range of information and communication platforms for underwear companies.In addition, the Association has continuously enhanced the external influence of Jiangsu’s sexy underwear through organizing and participating in large underwear exhibitions and seminars, and further attracted high -quality customers at home and abroad.

5. Product style positioning and innovation (H2)

With years of experience and market orientation in Jiangsu Funwear County, the famous sexy underwear products have a very mature and molding design idea.The erotic underwear here not only focuses on aesthetics, but also pays equal quality and cost -effectiveness, trying to provide consumers with better products.Compared with other sexy underwear brands, the style of Jiangsu’s sexy underwear is very chic and looks more fashionable.

6. Industrial ecology and environment (H2)

Due to the advantages of rich natural resources in Jiangsu Funwear County, its ecological environment has been well protected.At the same time, the government has strengthened the ecological and environmental protection of the industrial park through various measures such as policies and planning.While doing underwear, Jiangsu’s Info Underwear County also pays attention to the responsibility of the environment and society.

7. Talent training and introduction (H2)

Due to the development of the special industry of sexy underwear, Jiangsu Sexy Underwear County launched the "Talent Plan" in many ways and invited many talents from home and abroad to join.At the same time, the county government has continuously broaden the environment of career development in the county through cooperation and job fairs, etc.

8. Standardization and Quality Supervision (H2)

In order to better regulate the quality of Jiangsu’s sexy underwear products, the county government has formulated a standardized system and selected the quality inspection department for daily supervision.The implementation and strict implementation of these standardized systems aims to improve the quality level of Jiangsu’s sexy underwear and give consumers a more sense of guarantee and confidence.

Jiangsu’s Info Underwear County, with the core corporate culture of "aesthetic and quality", has become the leader in the nation’s sexy underwear industry.Its development process proves that while China’s manufacturing industry reflects and improves its own quality, aesthetic and brand awareness, it also continues to expand new industrial fields and market opportunities.

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