My boyfriend always buys me sexy underwear

My boyfriend always buys me sexy underwear

With the continuous changes of the times, sexual and interesting culture gradually penetrated into people’s daily life.Interest underwear is a product that cannot be missing. Many people also buy sexy underwear to create their own sexy image while pursuing sex.But some people are not used to buying sexy underwear, but receiving gifts for sexy underwear.This article will explore the reasons and response methods for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends.

Part 1: The reason why a boyfriend gives sexy underwear

The prevalence of erotic culture has gradually made sexy underwear the new favorite of many people, especially many men like to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends as gifts.So, what is the reason for her boyfriend to send sex underwear?

1. Want to enhance the quality of sexual life

Many men are out of love underwear because they want to enhance the quality of sex.The sexy and charm of sexy underwear can improve the stimulus and fun of sex, making sexual life more colorful.

2. Love and praise for girlfriends

The behavior of her boyfriend to send sex underwear may also be because of love and praise for girlfriends.Boyfriend thinks that his girlfriend is the most beautiful scenery in his life. He wants to show his love and appreciation for his girlfriend by sending sex underwear.

3. Girlfriend’s desire for sexy underwear

The last reason is that his girlfriend’s desire for sexy underwear.Girlfriends may be expressing their favorite culture, creating their own image, or expectations for her boyfriend, thereby stimulating the idea of her boyfriend to send sex underwear.

Part II: How to deal with the behavior of her boyfriend to get sexy underwear

However, not all women are willing to accept the behavior of her boyfriend to send sex underwear, especially some more traditional women, and gifts to receive sexy underwear may make them embarrassed or uncomfortable.So, how to deal with the behavior of her boyfriend to send sexy underwear?

1. Try on appropriate occasions

If your girlfriend holds a certain recognition and acceptance of sex culture or sexy underwear, it is a good choice to try under appropriate occasions.You can put on sexy underwear in a private occasion and share a happy sex life with your boyfriend.

2. Gift conversion

Girlfriend can make a certain amount of sexy underwear sent by her boyfriend to create a sexy image that suits them.This can not only get some new clothes and shapes, but also reduce psychological pressure and make it easier for girlfriends to accept interest culture.

3. Clear expressions

If your girlfriend is dissatisfied with the behavior of her boyfriend’s sexual underwear, the problem can be solved through clear expressions.Actively communicate your own thoughts and feelings, and let your boyfriend understand your own ideas, you can avoid unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort.

4. Change a gift

Finally, girlfriends can also consider changing gifts.You can choose other gifts, such as your favorite clothes or travel you want to go.This can not only express your own thoughts, but also ease the situation.

Conclusion: According to the personal personality characteristics of his girlfriend and the degree of acceptance of sex culture, some women in the behavior of her boyfriend sending sex underwear think it is worth trying and accepting, while some women think that sex underwear is a private item and is unwilling to accept her boyfriend’s gift.EssenceTherefore, girlfriends can better cope with the behavior of her boyfriend’s sex underwear by actively communicating and self -building.

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