My boyfriend always let me wear sexy underwear

My boyfriend always let me wear sexy underwear

My boyfriend always let me wear sexy underwear

People who love sexy underwear often enhance their knowledge and experience through sexy underwear.My boyfriend and I have different hobbies in this regard.He always hopes that I wear sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere of interest.However, as a hoping to keep a low -key, this requirement makes me feel uncomfortable.In this article, I will explain my views and solutions for my boyfriend to let me wear sexy underwear.

Boyfriend’s expectations

My boyfriend is deeply influenced by European and beautiful culture. I like sexy and adult sexy underwear such as black, perspective, pink, lace.He hopes that I wear sexy underwear on our bed or some special occasions.For me, this requirement beyond my comfortable range will make me feel embarrassed.I started to worry about whether he thought that my body was not good enough, and I needed to cover up the shortcomings with the help of sexy underwear.

Find the root cause

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After seriously communicating with my boyfriend, I finally found the root cause of this problem.His approach is not essentially to show my body that is not good enough, but because he wants to enhance the taste and attractiveness between us.In this case, I can persuade myself with confidence. He does not want me to reduce my requirements, but to express the emotion and interest of love in a more special way.

Keep confidence and comfort

Obviously not all women’s hobbies wearing sexy underwear.If you think these clothes will make you lose your confidence and comfort, then arrange your own dress will make your feelings more boring.Wearing erotic underwear will naturally make you feel brighter, confident and sexy.If you feel uncomfortable, your boyfriend will definitely notice it.Therefore, the process of wearing sexy underwear should be what you want, not forced by your boyfriend.

Talk about personal taste

Wearing erotic underwear may also reduce your expectations due to different personal taste.Your boyfriend may like sexy underwear that is not necessarily suitable for you, so you can consider lowering some expectations for him and make yourself feel more comfortable.If the taste between you is different, you can find a compromise in the discussion.

Find comfortable sexy underwear

If you really like to wear sexy underwear to increase interest, then you can start looking for comfortable sizes.You can choose some fit, sexy and breathable underwear so that you can create a better atmosphere between you and your boyfriend.When choosing time and occasion, you should also consider your comfort, and you should also find appropriate occasions and grasp the boundaries of wearing sexy underwear and balance.

Show yourself in an appropriate way

If you finally decide to put on sexy underwear, you should consider how to show yourself in an appropriate way.You can choose an appropriate occasion, such as on a romantic evening, or on vacation.You should also consider your body type, wearing sexy underwear suitable for your body type.


Strict control time

Wearing sexy underwear should not be a routine business between you and your boyfriend.You should limit the time to wear sexy underwear.If this behavior fails to master the time and frequency, it will affect the feelings and mentality between yourself and your boyfriend.You only need to wear sexy underwear at the appropriate time and occasions, such as festivals and special moments, so that you can achieve the effect of increasing interest and attractiveness.

Learn more about sexy underwear

If you still want to know more about sexy underwear, you can meet your needs by reading more materials and learning professional knowledge.You can understand various styles, materials, sizes and styles.In this way, you can better understand the skills and essentials of wearing sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In this article, we always explained and discussed the topic of my boyfriend to let me wear sexy lingerie.The conclusion we can draw is that when wearing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to your comfort, personal taste and occasion. At the same time, you should also learn more about wearing sexy underwear.If you can master these points well, you can wear sexy underwear to increase interest and attractiveness, and at the same time, you can also ensure the stability of the feelings and mentality between you and your boyfriend.