Paris sex lingerie underwear underwear exhibition

Background introduction

In Paris, France, in the world -renowned fashion week, there is a highly anticipated sexy underwear exhibition, which attracts the favor of countless sexy underwear enthusiasts every year.

Exhibition venue

The exhibition venue is usually set up in the most prosperous commercial store in Paris. It is selected in large stores such as Galers Lafayette, which covers thousands of square meters. Every year, thousands of people come to watch the exhibition and buy sexy underwear.

Brand and designer

Brands and designers from all over the world brought their latest sexy lingerie styles to the exhibition to show, so that all the love lingerie enthusiasts in the market can appreciate the cutting -edge design.


This exhibition not only has traditional sexual emotional fun underwear, but also has a variety of sexy lingerie styles, such as lace sexy underwear, ancient style sexy underwear, cute lingerie, sports sexy lingerie, etc., which better meet the needs of different peopleEssence

Color and fabric

In addition to styles, colors and fabrics are also the focus of attention in the exhibition.The dazzling colors and soft fabric make the sexy underwear more attractive.Whether it is a noble dark red, charming pink or mysterious black, it can be fully reflected in the Paris Sex Underwear Show.

Wearing occasion

Interest underwear is also divided into occasions. In the exhibition, there are sexy underwear specifically for different occasions, such as exposed sexy underwear suitable for partying, lace sexy underwear suitable for pajamas, and special fabric sexy underwear suitable for sports.

Latest trend

Of course, like a fashion week, there are new sexy underwear trends every year.The more new popularity is "comfort and sexy". It uses more fabrics that fits the figure and add lightweight and cool materials to make women more comfortable and comfortable.


When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the right size and quality as the standard.At the same time, we must choose a style that suits your temperament and occasions, and we must know how to match it, so that sexy underwear improves higher taste for your clothing.At the Paris sex underwear exhibition, you can learn the latest brand information and trends, and on this basis, targeted purchase.

The significance of the Paris Foch Underwear Show

The holding of the Paris sex underwear exhibition is not only a show of sexy underwear design and brand, but also makes sexy underwear enthusiasts experience the world -class sexy underwear design, quality and clothing.Many brands and designers have also won better publicity for their own brands through this exhibition.


In short, the Paris Foch Underwear Show is an exciting event, which attracts the attention of countless sexy underwear enthusiasts every year.It not only allows us to see the style of sexy underwear design, but also let us understand the diversity and artistic nature of sexy underwear.

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