Send me sexy underwear at the Qixi Festival

Send me sexy underwear at the Qixi Festival

Send me sexy underwear at the Qixi Festival

The Tanabata Festival is a traditional Valentine’s Day in China. Lovers can express their love for each other through gifts. So why not consider sending a special gift for this Qixi Festival -sexy underwear?

Sexy style selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, the style is very important.Choose a variety of underwear according to your figure and preferences, such as cup types, shoulder bandwidth, strap style, and so on.Various different options can highlight the body on the body, such as sexy low -cut, conjoined, and so on.

Appropriate size is the key

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No matter which sexy underwear is, the appropriate size is very important.So how can we determine the size suitable for you?First, we must measure the size of your bust, lower bust, waist, and hips, and then choose according to the brand’s size table.At the same time, pay attention to whether you fit, whether the shoulder straps and straps are comfortable.

Suitable material texture

When choosing sexy underwear, the material and texture are also very important.There are many different materials to choose from, such as silk, yarn, lace, leather and net eye.Different materials can show different textures, and those who choose suitable will highlight their sexy.

Excellent color matching scheme

The color scheme is another important factor in sexy underwear.Some colors are more suitable for some occasions. For example, pink and purple are usually regarded as soft and charming, while black and red can give people a strong visual impact.You can choose according to personal preferences and occasions.

Special design elements

Sex underwear usually adds some design elements, such as lace, silk, sequins, leather, etc.These elements can strengthen the decorative properties while sexy.Choosing a sexy underwear with a special design element can enhance the appeal of the entire shape.

Personal style

Everyone has a different style, which is also reflected in choosing underwear.Some people prefer soft flowers patterns, while others favor underwear with playful elements.To reflect the personal style, the selected styles, colors and materials need to be selected according to preferences.

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Pay attention to comfort

Although sexy underwear is usually used as a special occasion, comfort is also very important.A comfortable erotic underwear can not only make you feel confident when wearing, but also achieve your dress purpose.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to whether you fit and avoid too tight design.

Sex underwear matching

The matching of underwear is also very important.When selecting sexy underwear, consider supporting pantyhose, high heels, etc.Only by coordinating the overall match can the best results.

Significance of gifts

Interest underwear is not only a special gift, it can also evoke the senses on the body and enhance the emotional interaction between lovers.Sending fun underwear in the Qixi Festival is not only a unique way to express love, but also brings more fun and interaction in sex.


The Qixi Festival is approaching. Giving a special sexy underwear can make your lover feel your unique ideas and care.Choose a sexy underwear suitable for you and your lover, and enjoy a beautiful Tanabata Festival.