Sexy underwear Beauty 131

Sexy underwear Beauty 131

Sexy underwear Beauty 131

1. Overview of the corset

In sexy underwear, corset is the most basic and most common.It is divided into many types, such as: bra, briefs, lace masks, etc.These corsets can not only meet the beauty needs, but also modify their shapes well.

2. European and American sexy sheets

European and American -style sexy underwear has a variety of types of sexy underwear, with strong exotic colors.Women who are pursuing sexy can try to wear these styles. The slightly tempting style is very suitable for passion interaction.

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3. Japanese sexy underwear

Japanese sexy underwear is relatively simple and generous, focusing on modeling design, reflecting a very soft beauty.Suitable for some women who are keen on love and romance.

4. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are unique and creative, often with high transparency and designs such as revealing back, dew arms, and waist, which aroused infinite reveries to men.

5. Push -UP chest

Push-UP bras are good at the heart of many women. They are used to support high breasts and improve chest shapes, showing a more perfect and sexy curve.In addition, according to different occasions, the push-UP bras of various styles are also designed.

6. Maternity underwear

The functionality and comfort of pregnant women’s underwear can meet the needs of Baoma for underwear during pregnancy.Natural fiber is used on the material, which is also breathable, soft, and comfortable.

7. Body -shaped underwear

Bustiers & Corsets

The main function of the shaping underwear is waist, thin belly, and plastic hips, highlighting the good body shape of women.It is a very effective solution for women who do not want to do trouble exercise and want to maintain a good figure.

8. stockings

Stockings and sexy underwear can exude sexy charm of the entire body.Different stockings can be matched with different skirts to show their elegance and charming.

9. How to wear in different occasions of sexy underwear

In addition to understanding the type of love underwear, it is also very important to wear underwear.For example, when dating, you can wear sexy -style sexy underwear, which has both temptation and personality. In other daily use, you may need to pay more attention to comfort and functionality.

10. Summary

The diversity of sexy underwear is not only manifested in style, but also in many aspects such as occasions and materials.If you want to wear your own style, you may wish to choose the right underwear style according to your own situation.