Sexy underwear hanging socks strap beauty

Sexy underwear hanging socks strap beauty

Sexy underwear hanging socks strap beauty

Interest underwear is no longer just a simple clothing, but a kind of art that is full of temptation, sexy and mysterious. Among them, the beauty of the hanging strap is one of the most eye -catching beauties in sexy underwear.Below, we will focus on the characteristics and way of wearing the beauty of sexy underwear hanging socks.

The characteristics of hanging socks belt beauty

The hanging strap refers to the above part of the socks when wearing pantyhose, fix the top of the socks on the waist.The characteristics of the beauty strap beauty are the perfect combination of strap and sexy underwear to present a sexy and mysterious charm.

First of all, the beauty of hanging socks usually choose tight sex underwear to highlight the curve of the figure.Secondly, they will add diverse decorations on sexy underwear, such as lace lace, bow and pearls, etc., making sexy underwear more beautiful and eye -catching.

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Category of hanging strap

The strap can be classified according to the material or shape.According to the material, the strap can be divided into: lace, silk, leather and silk.According to the shape, it can be divided into: high waist, low waist, shoulder strap, exposed type, and so on.

Different hanging socks can be paired with different sexy underwear to achieve the best matching effect.For example, the sexy lingerie of high -waisted hanging strap and lace material will appear mature and charming, and the exposed hanging strap and transparent sexy underwear are more gorgeous and sexy.

Method of dressing

It is not a simple thing to wear a sexy underwear sling!First of all, you need to choose a sexy underwear and strap that is suitable for your body.Then, fix the hanging strap on the skirt or sexy underwear, adjust the position to ensure comfortable and not easy to slip.

Then, you need to put on pantyhose and fix the socks through the strap on the waist. Be careful not to be too tight or loose, so as not to affect the blood circulation or wear effect.Finally, you can look at your entire shape in front of the mirror and check whether it is appropriate.


With appropriate accessories, it can make sexy underwear hanging straps more outstanding.For example, with high heels can make the leg lines more beautiful, and the packet can improve the overall taste.At the same time, you can also consider putting on some jewelry accessories to make up for the overall perspective style.

Matching of the occasion


Different occasions need to wear different types of sexy underwear hanging straps.In romantic dating, you can choose a enchanting and sexy sexy underwear hanging strap; in a party or party, you can try a sexy underwear with personalized elements; and in weddings or formal occasions, it is best to choose simple and generous generous onesshape.

Suggestions for choosing sexy underwear suspenders

When many people choose sexy underwear straps, they are always confused by fancy appearance and ignore comfort and quality.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear strap, it is recommended to start from the following aspects:

Material: Choose a comfortable and quality material, lace and silk are a relatively good choice.

Size: Choose a size suitable for your body. Excessive or over looseness will affect comfort and effect.

Style: Choose a style that conforms to your temperament, occasion, and wearing effects, rather than blindly follow the trend.

Final point of view

Interesting underwear hanging socks, a beautiful woman, is a form of artistic, mysterious and charm.If you want to try to show your unique charm to show your unique charm, then remember to choose the material, size and style that suits you. At the same time, with appropriate accessories and occasions, I believe you can become the most charming sexy underwearHanging strap beauty!