Sexy underwear kimono bride

What is a sex lingerie and kimono bride?

Sexy underwear and kimono brides are a sexy lingerie style combining traditional and modern elements.They are usually composed of a lace top and a dress, with a unique oriental charm.This underwear style focuses on the quality of details and materials in the design, allowing women to show the elegant and gentle side when wearing it, but also show the sexy and charming side.

Sexy underwear and kimono bride style

There are many styles of sexy underwear and kimono, and there are common ones.

1. Collar type: large V -neck (small V -neck), round neck, square collar, stand -collar, inverted collar, back collar cross, etc.

2. Sleeve type: normal sleeves, bubble sleeves, butterfly sleeves, sleeveless, shoulder strap type, etc.

3. Pattern: wave edge, lace, lace, water wave pattern, embroidery, etc.

Interesting underwear and kimono’s materials

The commonly used materials of sexy underwear and brides including silk, lace, latex, mesh cloth, etc., the quality is very good.These materials can give people a good touch and dress.At the same time, the safety of these materials is also certified.

Sexy underwear and kimono bride’s wear occasion

The occasions of sexy underwear and kimono brides are generally on some special occasions, such as new wedding nights, Valentine’s Day, birthday and other important festivals.These occasions require women to put on some special underwear to add fun and romantic atmosphere.

How to choose sex lingerie and kimono brides?

Selecting sex underwear kimono brides need to consider the following points:

1. Suitable for you

2. Comfort and wear experience

3. Appropriate size

4. Match with your skin color

Interesting underwear and kimono bride’s maintenance

Maintenance of sexy underwear and kimono brides need to choose different methods according to their materials and styles.Generally speaking, you need to avoid being washed directly to avoid damage.You also need to pay attention not to expose it in the sun to avoid affecting the life span.

Interest underwear and kimono bride’s brand recommendation

At present, there are many erotic underwear and kimono brides on the market. The more famous ones are as follows:

1. Victoria’s Secret

2. Triumph

3. La Perla

4. Agent Provocateur

The price of sexy underwear and kimono brides

The price of sexy underwear and kimono brides is different due to the differences in brands and materials. Generally, the price on the market ranges from hundreds to thousands of yuan.

Interesting underwear and kimono bride DIY

Women who like handmade can DIY DIY their own sex lingerie kimono brides.Some interesting flowers, bows, or mesh are combined with lace and net eye cloth, which can make a unique sexy underwear kimono bride.

The outlook of sexy underwear and kimono brides

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of aesthetic concepts, sexy underwear and kimono brides are becoming more and more popular.In the future, sexy underwear and kimono brides are expected to be more exquisite in design and materials, becoming a way for women to show their self -style and pursue a happy life.


Choosing a sexy underwear and a bride that suits you is not only concerned about your body, but also a way of expression of pursuing a better life.At the same time, maintaining your own underwear is also a detailed work, which requires time and energy.

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