Sexy underwear Marketing Planning Book

Sexy underwear Marketing Planning Book

Quotation of sexy underwear market

With the development of modern society, sex is no longer a simple behavior, and sexy underwear has become a trend in modern society.The global sexy underwear market is growing, of which the European and American regions are the most developed.

Analysis of target crowd

The target group of sexy underwear is mainly married 20 to 40 years old. He has a clear personality, has certain cultural literacy, is curious, focuses on quality of life, and is willing to try fashion trends.In addition, there are gift buyers of festivals such as single people and Valentine’s Day.

Marketing Strategy 1: Use social media online marketing

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With the development of social media, sexy underwear marketing has embarked on the road of online marketing.Use WeChat public accounts, Weibo and other platforms to push relevant circles, masters, discounts, interesting tips and other information to the target group, enhance product awareness and interactive experience, and attract netizens to share and discuss.

Marketing Strategy 2: Offline Store Marketing

Interest lingerie stores should have characteristics and differentiation, and should focus on creating a comfortable shopping experience.You can hold tasting, interesting lectures and other activities in the store, increase customer interaction and purchase desire, and increase sales.

Marketing Strategy 3: Celebrate Festival Promotion

Valentine’s Day, 520, Tanabata, Christmas and other festivals should be the key marketing period. It can adopt unique marketing activities and promotional methods, such as gifts, discounts, scraping cards and other forms to attract customers to buy.

Marketing Strategy 4: Use word of mouth marketing

Customers ‘word -of -mouth communication plays a vital role in the sales promotion of sexy underwear. Sexy underwear merchants should pay attention to customer feedback, respond to users’ needs in a timely manner, and improve the purchase experience and product quality.

Marketing Strategy 5: Opening the market for sports underwear

In recent years, with the improvement of health awareness, people’s demand for sports underwear has continued to increase.Fun underwear merchants can combine sports underwear with sexy underwear to open up new markets.

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Marketing Strategy 6: Cooperate with celebrities

Cooperation with film and television stars and Internet celebrities is a good way of publicity.You can invite celebrities to endorse and model display to increase popularity and increase popularity to sexy underwear brands.

Marketing Strategy 7: Customized services meet personal needs

Sex underwear is full of personality, providing customized services for customers who need personalized needs.Provide users with private customization services, enhance customer viscosity and brand satisfaction, and broaden sales channels.

Marketing Strategy 8: Continuous innovation and increase new varieties

The market competition is fierce, and sexy underwear merchants need to continue to innovate, launch new varieties, and create differentiated product differentiation and brand advantages.

Marketing Strategy 9: Use data analysis to improve benefits

Interesting underwear merchants can use big data to analyze product direction and user needs, thereby improving the benefits of product design and market sales, and achieving precise marketing.


In the current competition in the sex underwear market, only by continuously renewing marketing strategies, strengthening product research and development, and improving customer experience, can we achieve greater success in the market.