Sexy underwear men and women take pictures

Sexy underwear men and women take pictures

As a sexy, hazy, and seductive underwear, sexy underwear has now become the first choice for many women. Most men also like to record beautiful pictures with photos with their girlfriends and wives.What do you need to pay attention to when?

Pay attention to color matching

The photos are more beautiful through color matching, and of course it is more likely to have a sense of temptation.Generally speaking, pink and purple sexy underwear is more suitable for women, while black and white are more suitable for men. You can choose color matching according to this principle.

Choose the right size

When shooting, the size of the sexy underwear is matched with the shooting object. Too large or too small will affect the aesthetics, and it is also easy to expose privacy and give people an indecent feeling.

Natural posture

When shooting, pay attention to the natural posture of both sides to avoid embarrassing and unnatural postures. This is also easier to reflect the beauty of the sexy underwear.

Application of light

Pay attention to the use of lighting. You can enhance the beauty of sex underwear through appropriate light adjustment. At the same time, you can also reflect the color and texture of the sexy underwear through the condition of the light, and play a better effect.

Background is simple

When shooting, pay attention to the simple background, avoid clutter or affect the main artistic conception, and use sex underwear as the main visual element to create a fresh, refined and sexy feeling.

The angle of shooting must be positive

The shooting angle is one of the key to shooting. The angle of the shooting must be positive. It is necessary to display the beauty of the subject, but also better reflect the softness and sexy of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to clothing matching

When taking photos of sexy underwear, pay attention to the clothing matching before and during the shooting process to avoid conflicting with the style of sexy underwear. This can make the whole picture more uniform.

Pay attention to the selection of scenes

Choosing the scene of shooting is also very important. Different scenarios have different beauty. You can choose the shooting scene according to the style and theme of the sexy lingerie to create a more beautiful artistic conception.

Pay attention to the combination of props

The combination of props also affects the effect of sexy underwear photos. Some small props can use the ingenious use of the beauty and interest of the photo.

Overall suggestion

When taking pictures of men and women in erotic underwear, the photographer needs a beautiful curve and stretching, combining the sexy underwear and the body, and through the angle, light and shadow, and composition to achieve the improvement of visual effects and the presence of aesthetics.The photographer should pay attention to the details, and make it perfect from clothing, jewelry and makeup, so that the sexy underwear will make a more attractive light.

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