Sexy underwear model tricks

Sexy underwear model tricks

1 Introduction

Dreams become sexy underwear models, which is the dream of many girls. Here is a chance to wait for you to join!

2. Recruitment conditions

We need to recruit sexy girls. They are between 18-30 years old and not less than 165cm tall. They will have a basic show and expression, and have not signed other agents or companies.

3. Application process

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Send your resume and photos to our mailbox, including personal basic situation, education, work experience, contact information, and related art photos and sexy underwear trial photos.

4. Interview process

After preliminary screening, we will invite you to the company to participate in the interview. The interview process will include catwalks and shooting, so that we can better understand your performance and appearance characteristics.

5. Training plan

After you pass the interview, we will arrange professional training courses, including basic catwalk movements, expressions, figure maintenance, makeup, photography skills, etc., so that you can better adapt to model work.

6. Work arrangement

We will arrange for you to participate in shooting and catwalks based on different types of underwear and brand needs in order to facilitate your work experience and improve your level.

7. Treatment benefits

We will provide you with competitive salary and benefits, including social security, housing subsidies, and health check -ups to help you better develop your career.


8. End language

If you love the model of model, you are confident, talented, and attractive, welcome to join our team.We look forward to your joining.

9. Appendix: Related laws and regulations

Modeling work involves many laws and regulations, including labor law, portrait rights law, copyright law, etc., it is recommended to learn and understand these relevant laws and regulations before participating in the interview.

10. Appendix: Model career development plan

Modeling occupation is an industry full of opportunities and challenges. It is recommended to learn relevant knowledge and skills, and continuously improves its level and professionalism, thereby expanding a broader career development space.

Every girl has their own dreams, but only a few people can work hard to realize these dreams.If you want to be a sexy underwear model, then start now, prepare, look forward to your joining!