Sexy underwear naming English

Sexy underwear naming English

Sexy underwear naming English

Interesting underwear has been developed and popularized in the domestic market. Many consumers have begun to pay attention to foreign sex and erotic lingerie brands. The sexy underwear of European and American brands not only has a variety of styles, but also improves quality, functions and comfort. This is also improved. This is also improved.It promotes many people to learn and understand the interesting underwear of foreign brands. Therefore, in English for sexy underwear, this article will explore from several aspects of the name of the name, the specific analysis of the brand name and the design of the brand name.

1. The source of the name

The name of the name of the English underwear names usually has two aspects: the name and brand concept of the founder of the brand.

The name of the founder of the brand

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For example, Victoria ’s Secret, the brand name of the Foreign Instead underwear, is named after the brand name Roy Raymond’s girlfriend Victoria and the secrets of the purchase of underwear shopping at the time.

Brand concept

For example, Hunkemoller, as the leading sexy underwear brand in Europe, is composed of two words. HUNK indicates that parentheses represent the beauty of the underwear, and Moeller is its founder’s name.

2. Specific analysis of the brand name

In terms of sexy underwear brand names, the name of the name, the readability and use of the brand is an important factor.


The beauty of the brand name is very important, such as Playboy Bunny is a typical example.Playboy Bunny’s rhythm is excellent, and the name can immediately show the brand’s image even if you don’t know the specific meaning.

Brand readability

The readability and spelling of the brand name are important.For example, although the name of the Handy Panky brand in the United States is very interesting, its pronunciation and spelling are confusing.



The name of the sexy underwear brand is easy to remember and spread.For example, Agent Provocateur is a very unique and interesting brand name. Its uniqueness is in line with the brand image, but the brand’s popularity in the Chinese market is not high.

3. Design of brand name

In terms of brand name design, sexy underwear brands usually use the following four forms.

Described naming

Description is the most common brand name.For example, Hanes Her Way, this brand name is very clear in form, which can be very intuitive to reflect the brand name meaning.


Imagination naming makes the brand name more creative and interesting.For example, in the Gap brand, Gap is the abbreviation of Generation, Awareness and Personality, expressing the brand’s desire: let consumers break the boundaries of culture and gain their own style.

Brand founder

The founder of the brand is the most basic way to design the brand name. For example, the La Perla and the Wolford brand are named by the brand founder’s last name.This method allows the brand to have historic and inheritance, and it can also evoke people’s respect for the founder of the brand.

Cultural and geographical naming

The last way of naming is based on cultural and geographical factors to determine the brand name. For example, the Japanese sex lingerie brand Peachjyon uses a culturally cultural name such as the "peach porn" to reflect the brand image and cultural characteristics.


The naming English of sexy underwear brands, as the unique identification and distinction of the brand, is directly related to the brand image and market awareness.Therefore, in the naming of the brand name, the founder and brand history of the brand, the brand concept and the creative elements of the brand are important factors that need to be considered in the design process.The ultimate successful brand naming is always more based on brand concepts, creativity and cultural backgrounds.