Sexy underwear open crotch pants no ban

Sexy underwear open crotch pants no ban

What is sexy underwear open crotch pants?

Sexy underwear open crotch pants refer to the sexy underwear that has a specially designed opening at the lower body. It is usually used for sex games, which can increase interest and stimulus.

What are the types of open crotch pants?

According to the different designs of open crotch pants, it can be divided into the following types:

Full opening: The lower part of the open crotch pants is completely open, suitable for users who want to fully stimulate.

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There are zipper type: The lower body part of the open crotch pants has zipper, which can be opened and closed at any time as needed to increase the gameplay of interest.

There are buttons: there are buttons on the lower body of the open crotch pants, which can be opened at any time as needed, suitable for users who like to leave some mysterious sense.

What should I pay attention to using open crotch pants?

When using open crotch pants, pay attention to the following points:

Before use, you should try the open crotch pants to confirm the size and comfort.

Clear clean and disinfected open crotch pants to avoid bacterial infections.

During use, you should pay attention to physical hygiene and avoid diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Applicable crowd of open crotch pants?

The people using open crotch pants are mainly the following aspects:


People who want to increase their feelings between husband and wife.

Interested users who are interested in stimulus and adventure.

Users who participate in role -playing or sex games.

Who is not suitable for use of open crotch pants?

The following people are not suitable for using open crotch pants:

People with a history of allergies.

Users with urinary tract, herpes and other diseases.

People with sexual transmission of diseases, or sexual behavior with people with sexual transmission.

How to choose the open crotch pants that suits you?

When choosing open crotch pants, you can consider from the following aspects:

Style: According to your own taste and preferences, do you like the full -opening style or there are zipper or buttons.

Size and material: Select the right size and choose the appropriate material according to your own needs.

Price: The price range of open crotch pants is large, according to your own budget choice.

How to maintain open crotch pants?

Open crotch pants are relatively private clothes, and there are certain precautions to maintain:

When cleaning, mild laundry fluids and warm water should be used to avoid too rough washing methods.

After cleaning and disinfection, take dry water with a soft towel to avoid excessive wiping and cause the open crotch to wear.

During maintenance, you can put the open crotch pants in a ventilated and dry place for drying.

How to avoid the embarrassment of open crotch pants?

When using open crotch pants, you may encounter some embarrassing situations. For example, you can pay attention to avoid it in advance:

Quality issues: You need to confirm quality and details before buying to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Size problem: You need to choose the right size as much as possible to avoid excessive effects that affect the effect.

Scene questions: When using, you need to confirm the occasion and atmosphere to avoid using open crotch pants on inappropriate occasions.


As a kind of sexy underwear, open crotch pants have a relatively unique position in sex games and increased interests, suitable for users who like to stimulate and adventurous.When using, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection to avoid disease transmission, and also pay attention to the choice of size and occasion.