Sexy underwear opening file

Sexy underwear opening file


In recent years, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their own interesting life.And sexy underwear has also become the trend of many women’s choices.Among them, the opening of the stall’s fun underwear is very popular due to its sexy and practicality.This article will introduce the opening of the stall in detail.

What is the opening of the gear and sexy underwear?

Open -gear sexy underwear refers to underwear used by sewing or exposure to the hem and the crotch, which is convenient for sex and sex games.The position of the opening is generally between the crotch or hip, which can be determined according to different styles.

Types of Fairy underwear

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The opening of the gear of the gear can be divided into a variety of different styles, and the following will be introduced to several of them.

1. Open crotch underwear

Open crotch panties are the most basic and simple open -stall sexy underwear, usually a standard underwear, but a small mouth is opened in the crotch.This underwear is very suitable for the initial experience of cutting into sexy underwear.

2. Open stockings

Open strokes refer to stockings that open or exposed in both hips and crotch.This sexy underwear is both beautiful and practical, suitable for sex games and wearing in bed.

3. Open the corset

Open corset refers to a suture or exposed corset on the chest and crotch.This sexy underwear is sexy and practical.

4. Open stall jumpsuit

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Open jumpsuit is a kind of sexy underwear covering the whole body. It has a opening in the hips and women’s organs.This sexy underwear can increase the body temperature with the partner and increase sexual interest during sex.

Selecting skills to open gear lingerie

It is difficult to choose a sexy underwear. Here are a few options for you.

1. Choose the right style and size

When choosing a stall for you, you must consider your body and personal preferences. At the same time, you must choose the size that suits you, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to wear inappropriately.

2. Understand materials

Materials are a problem that you need to pay attention to when you choose to open the gear.Different materials are different in comfort and feel. Choosing materials that suits you can increase comfort and bring a better experience.

3. Select the adjustable style

Many open -file sexy underwear can be adjusted according to personal needs to ensure comfort and convenience of use.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose some regulatable styles.

How to correctly wear the opening of the gear and sexy underwear?

It takes a certain amount of skills to wear the opening of the opening of the gear, and provide you with some precautions.

1. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

After wearing the opening of the stall, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time.This can avoid the spread of infection and other diseases.

2. Use lubricant

When using the boiled sexy underwear, you need to use a large amount of lubricant, which can reduce pain and discomfort, improve comfort and experience.

3. Pay attention to safety

When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to safety.If it is not used properly, it is easy to cause personal injuries, especially for those who try sex underwear for the first time.

The advantages and disadvantages of the opening of the gear of sexy underwear

1. Advantages

Opening gear and sexy underwear are both practical and sexy, and are a good choice to promote interesting life.It can improve the degree of stimulation of sexual life, increase the intimacy between couples, and bring more happiness and experience.

2. Disadvantages

The use of open -range fun underwear requires certain skills and experience. If it is not used properly, it may bring discomfort or cause trauma.At the same time, the price may also be slightly higher than ordinary erotic underwear.


Open -gear -opening sexy underwear is welcomed by women due to its practicality and sexuality.When choosing and wearing, you must pay attention to safety and comfort, and carefully choose the style and size that suits you, strengthen the interaction of sexual life, and improve emotional communication.