Sexy underwear opening website video

Sexy underwear opening website video

1 Introduction

As a kind of underwear designed for sex or sex toys, sexy underwear has attracted more and more people’s attention.Among them, the sexy underwear is even more popular, because it not only ignits passion, but also brings unlimited convenience and stimuli to users.So, how to choose a comfortable, suitable, sexy opening sexy underwear?

2. Material

First of all, pay attention to the material of the sexy underwear.The well -made underwear with good materials is not only comfortable and close, but also can penetrate strongly, taking into account the comfort and pleasure of sex.Common materials are cotton, pure silk, lace, PU leather and chemical fiber.Cotton’s opening underwear is soft and breathable, but it is easy to get the ball and is not resistant to dirt; pure silk and lace texture are thin and comfortable, but the price is relatively high;Strong customization, suitable for fun enthusiasts.

3. Design style

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Secondly, the design style of the opening and sexy underwear is also the key.Good design styles are not only for beauty, but also to be sexy and exciting.The design styles are sweet, sexy, tempting, small fresh, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other types.Personal preferences are selected according to different occasions and characteristics.

4. Size problem

Once again, you need to pay attention to the size problem of selecting a sexy underwear.Choosing the size of your own size can make the body better show and make yourself more confident and comfortable.Therefore, when buying open underwear, you must choose the size according to your actual situation to be more suitable for your body.

5. Accessories and details

In addition, if you want to make your own sexy lingerie more sexy and charming, you need to pay attention to the accessories and details of the underwear.Good opening underwear accessories are inlaid, chain, silk ribbon, bow, etc., which can enhance the visual effects; details are also important, such as tailoring, weaving, buttons, line heads, etc., you must notice.

6. Suitable occasion

When choosing to open a sexy underwear, different occasions should be considered.For example, you can choose a simple and comfortable open -stall sex underwear at home; and in special occasions such as gatherings, parties and travel, you can choose more sexy styles.In short, choosing different styles of open -stalls with different styles of sexy underwear will be more suitable and handy.

7. Website selection

When we choose to open up sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose some professional websites.On the one hand, because as a professional website, these websites will provide better services and quality products; on the other hand, when buying on professional websites, we also enjoy security guarantee, better user experience, more discounts, more discountsAnd discount.

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8. Video guidance

Finally, if you still do n’t know how to choose a sexy underwear, we recommend watching some sexy underwear on the Internet on the Internet, which helps understand the method and precautions of underwear.And multiple options.However, note that the appropriate video content can provide reference instead of blindly buying.


In this romantic era, people’s attitudes and concepts of sex are constantly updated. As one of the special underwear, sexy underwear has brought great benefits and pleasure to people.However, you need to pay attention to various problems in selecting and opening -up sexy underwear, including materials, styles, size, accessories, occasions and website selection, etc., and also need to be worn with suitable occasions.The perfection of the underwear and the perfect sex occasion are what we desire. Let’s wear the sexy underwear more perfectly together.