Sexy underwear party video

Sexy underwear party video


Interest underwear gathering is an increasingly popular party. Usually, it is organized by women to make participants more deeply solve the love of the lingerie and experience self -expression and freedom in a relaxed environment.In order to better understand the affectionate underwear party, we made a video to show its process and characteristics.

Moderator Introduction

In this video, we have a host who is a sexy underwear expert.She will guide us through the entire sex lingerie party and introduce us to various areas and activities.


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When the participants enter the party venue, they will be warmly welcomed by the host.She will guide them to the clothing area, where the clothing there can make people better understand the type of love underwear.

Clothing area

In the clothing area, there are also some entertainment activities, such as taking photos, exchanging experience and opinions of sexy underwear to each other.These activities aim to make all participants feel comfortable and freely express themselves.

Live model display

At the party, there are also live model models of sexy underwear. They show the appearance and dressing of sexual erotic lingerie to the participants, and show the participants the different dress styles.


In order to allow participants to understand the love lingerie more deeply, the host will also introduce the knowledge of sexy underwear, such as using and maintenance methods.

suitable occasion

In addition, the host will also introduce the sexy underwear suitable for wearing different scenarios to the participants, such as Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary.

Bustiers & Corsets

Free purchase

At the end of the party, participants can freely buy sexy lingerie according to their preferences, and have a great sense of experience.


Interest underwear gathering is a very interesting event that allows participants to better understand the erotic underwear in the on -site model display with ornamental, and enjoy the happiness of the party in a comfortable and relaxed environment.At the same time, the activity also provided participants with opportunities to understand love underwear products, brands and culture.