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Interest underwear is a clothing that increases charm and confidence in women.There are many styles, including perspective netwear, which can make women more sexy and more seductive.In this article, we will introduce the various types of see -through net clothes to help women better understand and choose the style that suits them.


Netdical see -through clothing is a type of see -through mesh. It is characterized by many small mesh holes and can show women’s skin.In addition, there are many patterns and color options for mesh see -through clothes.For women with full chest and slender waist, choosing a mesh see -through clothes will be more sexy.

Gauze perspective jacket

The gauze perspective clothing is a very thin and light perspective net clothes on the surface.It is woven from the yarn, which reveals that the skin is much less compared to other perspective net clothes.The advantage of this perspective clothing is high comfort.If you want to penetrate see -through clothes on the right occasion, but don’t want to be too exposed, then gauze see -through clothes will be a good choice.

Hollow see -through clothing

The hollow see -through clothing is a net -shaped clothes composed of many small holes, but unlike the mesh eye -seeing clothes, the shapes and sizes of its small holes are different.Some hollow see -through clothes can even show the shape of many plants or animals.If you want to wear a see -through clothing into a artwork, choosing a hollow see -through clothes will be a great decision.

Yuguang Perspective

Yuguang see -through clothing is a light and very transparent perspective. Unlike other perspective clothes, its surface does not look much shiny, but the skin penetration inside is very good.It reveals the outline of women’s body, but it will not be exposed too much.If you need to wear see -through clothes on formal occasions, sub -lightweight clothes are a very suitable choice.


The lace see -through clothing is a sexy see -through clothing.Its surfaces usually have various lace and lace, which can increase the charm of women.For women who want to wear see -through clothes on a romantic occasion and do not want to look too cold, lace see -through clothes are a good choice.

Sports see -through

Sports -type see -through clothes are very transparent and have good breathability and sweat absorption.This perspective clothing is very suitable for wearing during exercise and can provide women with comfort and freedom.

Crystal Perspective

Crystal see -through jacket is a type of see -through clothing. It uses jewelry crystal, which can make the body shine to show off.The texture of the crystal see -through clothing is very delicate. Whether it is on the stage or dinner, it will make people shine.

Be careful

Practicing the clothes is an art, and different styles need to be different.You can put through the panties, stockings, or leggings you often wear.But remember that no matter what the matching method you choose, you need to keep it neat.

Not applicable to all occasions

Perspective clothing is a sexy and bold underwear, but it is not suitable for all occasions, such as corporate conferences or formal activities. Wearing see -through clothes may leave a bad impression.Therefore, we must distinguish the occasions when wearing a see -through clothes, and only choose the right occasion to wear.

in conclusion

The diversification and creativity of the perspective netwear allows women to continue to challenge themselves and show their sexy, charming and confident.When buying see -through clothes, you must choose according to your body, temperament and hobbies.At the same time, don’t forget to take care of it on the occasion. Choose a suitable occasion to wear more decent and tasteful.

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