Sexy underwear store chief trial

Sexy underwear store chief trial

Sexy underwear store chief trial

As a manager of a sexy underwear shop, I often recommend the best styles and models for customers.However, the best way is to try on these underwear in person to better understand their characteristics and advantages.In this article, I will share my trial experience to help readers better understand different types of sexy underwear.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is usually underwear with lace and transparent materials. When trying it on, I found it comfortable and comfortable, which can show women’s body curves and lines.The lace material is very soft, and the transparent part makes the underwear more tempting.Some sexy underwear with hanging straps has increased the overall charm.

2. Daily underwear

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Unlike sexy underwear, daily underwear is usually comfortable and simple to meet the needs of daily wear.I tried to see some underwear and found that they were very comfortable, comforted the skin in the texture, and gave good support.Although the appearance is relatively simple, daily underwear can also be beautiful and attractive.

3. Turning and shaping underwear

Perfect figure is pursued by every woman, but not everyone has a perfect body.At this time, adjustment of underwear can help us.I tried on some adjustment of underwear and found that they could coherent the curve of the body to form a perfect S type.This underwear also has a weight loss effect, which improves self -confidence.

4. Sex underwear

Sex underwear usually has more decorations, such as leather, iron chain and other sexy accessories.I have always thought that sexy underwear is suitable for women who love stimulation and boldness.Of course, trials still make me feel different experiences full of excitement.

5. Body -shaped underwear

I usually recommend women with irregular figure curves to wear body -shaping underwear.They are very close, tighten their waist and chest, making people look even more proportion.After trying it on, I found that they were very tight, but it would not make people feel tired or uncomfortable.

6. Sports underwear

Since I run a sexy underwear shop, I also try on some sports underwear.These underwear have good breathability and can provide good support and protection.And unlike ordinary sports underwear, the sexy elements are also added to the design, making people feel more sexy.


7. pajamas

The pajamas are comfortable and loose, giving people soothing underwear.I like to choose soft and breathable materials to avoid choosing too tight pajamas.Wearing these pajamas before falling asleep can enhance the quality of sleep and make people get better in sleep.

8. Summary:

Try to try on these sexy underwear, let me better understand the characteristics and advantages of each underwear.I believe that no matter what type of erotic underwear you are interested in, you can find the best choice that suits you by trying different styles.In general, choosing the right sexy underwear can make women more confident and more beautifully show their bodies.