Sexy underwear straps

Sexy underwear straps

Types of sexy underwear straps and how to choose

The design styles of sexy underwear are diverse. Underwear straps, as a popular element, are also favored.The type of underwear straps increases with the diversification of styles, but you need to pay attention to some details when choosing straps that are suitable for you.This article will introduce the types of common sex lingerie and how to choose.

I. Leather straps

Leather straps are a common sexy lingerie material. It can show a sexy, charming and sloppy atmosphere, and is one of the classic elements of sexy underwear.The material of the leather tie is relatively tough, but it also needs to avoid excessive water or sunlight.When choosing, pay attention to whether the leather is easy to adjust, it is comfortable and breathable.

II. Lace strap

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Lace straps are another commonly used material in sex underwear. It has a soft touch and can show the soft body of women.The advantages of lace straps are comfortable feel, and the color and pattern are diverse.When choosing, pay attention to the purpose of lace (underwear? Chengyi?), Whether it is easy to adjust the length, and whether it will scratch the skin.

III. Network strap

Network straps are a very popular sexy underwear material in recent years. It is made of environmentally friendly polymer materials, which has high breathability and comfort.The characteristics of network straps are soft, light, easy to wear, rich in color and patterns, and easy to clean and maintain.Pay attention to its quality and comfort when choosing.

IV. Stand -style selection

Different belt styles can bring people different wear experiences and visual effects.Common strap styles are neck circles, waist type, lip tongs, brooches, ankles and ankles, and leg straps.When choosing, choose the appropriate style according to personal hobbies, figure characteristics, and wear occasions.

V. Model and semi -style strap

The standard straps refers to the non -adjustment of the size during production and use. Generally, the default is standard size. Its advantages are diverse colors and styles.The semi -type strap refers to the slightly adjustable size and higher comfort, but the style and color are relatively single.When choosing, you need to determine according to personal needs and comfort.

Vi. Broken and matching

The combination of straps and clothing is a technique.For example, black leather straps can be matched with black camisole and leather pants.Lace straps are very matched with high -waisted shorts and perspective stockings.When choosing, you need to decide according to the effect of wearing and personal temperament.


Vii. Broken maintenance and cleaning

Under normal circumstances, the life of underwear straps is about one year.During daily maintenance, it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time. Be careful not to use a cleaner or cold water with strong toxicity to avoid affecting the service life and color.It is recommended to use warm water and a small amount of bath liquid to wash gently, then rinse with water and dry it.

Viii. How to choose the right strap size

There may be differences in size standards for underwear of different brands.It is recommended to learn more about brand underwear standards at the time of purchase, such as waist, bust, buttocks and other data.At the same time, you can choose suitable colors and materials according to your skin tone, body shape characteristics, etc., and consider the comfort and performance effect of wear.

IX. The charming charm of sexy underwear straps

The design of the underwear strap has been improved and upgraded many times to better meet the needs and aesthetics of women.Different styles of straps can show different charm and sexy of women.Underwear straps are not only a design element of sexy underwear, but also a way to express self and show charm.

X. Conclusion

Passages are an inseparable part of sexy underwear, and choosing underwear straps that are suitable for you are the key.When choosing, pay attention to all styles, types and characteristics, so as to find one that suits you best.Combined with personal style, temperament and wear occasions to match the appropriate clothing, it can perfectly express the charming charm of sexy underwear straps.