Sexy underwear suspender socks high heels

Sexy underwear suspender socks high heels

Interest underwear accessories are the key to enhancing women’s charm. Among them, strap socks and high heels are the two most commonly used decorations.This article will introduce the types and matching skills of sexy lingerie suspenders and high heels to help women add sexy charm.


Hanging stockings refer to the wrap ornament of the middle of the thigh, which is often used in the matching of sexy underwear.There are a variety of patterns and materials for suspenders, which will be introduced one by one.

1. Common types of hanging sticks:

Diamondings can be divided into three basic types: lace, grid and fish net. Each type has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

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2. Material of hanging stockings:

The hanging stockings include nylon, silk, chiffon, imitation leather, PU, etc.They have different senses and visual effects of different materials.

3. Matching of hanging stockings:

Generally speaking, hanging sticks are suitable for short skirts or hot pants. Women who prefer black can choose black hanging sticks. If you need to add a type, you can also choose to match cold color clothes to make yourself look more elegant.

High heel

High heels are the best choice for women with sexy underwear. If it is correctly matched, women can look taller and sexy.

1. Common types of high heels:

There are many types of high heels, such as pointed, round head, fish mouth, flat bottom, thick heel, fine heel, high bridge, etc.

2. Materials of high heels:


High -heeled shoes include velvet, patent leather, sequins, texture leather, beads, etc. Each material has different texture and visual effects.

3. Matching of high heels:

High -heeled shoes are suitable for matching skirts or hot pants, which can increase the length of the legs and make women look taller.It is better to use with hanging stockings.

The matching skills of sexy underwear accessories

Correct matching skills can make the dress of sexy underwear more attractive.

1. The combination of hanging straps and high heels:

Hanging stockings and high heels are two classic sexy underwear accessories. When they are matched, the effect of feminine charm can be enhanced.Choosing the same colors and high -heeled shoes are more noble and generous.

2. The combination of warm and cold coloring:

When mating with sexy underwear, in order to highlight the body and temperament of women, you can choose black or cold -colored clothes and warm -tone high -heeled shoes to achieve the effect of cold and cold coloring.

3. Different flower types:

Different flower types are also different.If you want to be more gorgeous, you can match some large -scale patterns; if it is fresh and natural, you can choose a flower type of cotton or chiffon texture.

4. Material matching skills:

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose materials with outstanding texture, such as sequins, silk, and velvet skin, etc., and it is more youthful with high -heeled shoes with bright colors.


The charm of sexy underwear is the clever matching of the accessories.Reasonably matching camislars and high heels to make the whole match more perfect, thereby achieving the effect of enhancing women’s charm.The types, materials, and matching skills of hanging straps and high heels need to be paid attention to. Carefully choose accessories suitable for your own style to truly achieve the unique effect.