Sexy underwear trial novels

Sexy underwear trial novels

The importance of sexy underwear

Putting on the right sexy underwear can make women more confident and sexy.But how to choose the right sexy underwear?Trying penetration is an indispensable link. Let’s see the little story of sexual underwear trying on.

The first group of trial -lace sexy underwear

Entering the first shop, Sales Miss introduced me to a black lace sexy underwear suit with simple style and no too much decoration, but soft and breathable, and the exposed skin feels very sexy.I tried it on and found that the size was very accurate. Following the skin, it reflected my sexy curve, which made me feel great.

The second group of trial -open bridge three -point underwear

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Entering the second shop, the Sales Miss introduced me to a three -point bridge underwear. The pink decoration with a metallic sense is very charming, as if designed for me.After I tried it on, I found that lace can almost tolerate most of my body. The small gap in the middle of the underwear can show my sexy well, which makes me confident.

The third group trial -ship -type lace underwear

The sales lady of the third shop introduced to me a boat -shaped lace underwear. The white design is both gentle and sexy, especially suitable for my skin.After trying it on, I found that the back of the underwear and the shoulder strap is almost integrated, which really improves the aesthetics of the whole set of underwear and highlight my beautiful back.

The fourth group trial -swimwear underwear

Entering the fourth store, the sales lady introduced me to a swimsuit underwear suit. The color was bold and the design was very outstanding, which made me look at it at a glance.After trying it on, I found that the chest was slightly too small, but the overall fabric was comfortable and natural, and the soft texture of the lace was also very skinny.

The fifth group trial -perspective slit underwear

In the fifth store, the Sales Miss introduced me a perspective slit underwear. The beautiful design made me try to try it.Try it to find that this underwear is perfect, it is very suitable for me.And the transparent fabric also shows my beautiful legs.


When trying to wear sex underwear, the body feels the most important thing.When choosing underwear, consider your body and size, not just look at the appearance and patterns.

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Matching skills in different occasions

Interest underwear can not only bring us self -confidence, but also make us more beautiful.So, how to choose different sexy underwear on different occasions?

Daily occasion

In daily life, the most suitable erotic underwear is a comfortable, fit and not too much fancy underwear.You can consider sexy and comfortable cotton materials or fabrics with good breathability.You can choose what you like, and it is best to avoid too obvious patterns and colors.


You can choose to disclose some mysterious underwear with some lace and transparent designs, but the choice of colors such as pink and red should be cautious, so as not to look too obvious.

Partial occasion

At the party, you can choose some high -profile sexy underwear in appearance, but you should also pay attention not to be too publicized, so as not to attract too much attention.


The choice of sexy sexy underwear on different occasions is also very important. We should choose the right match rationally.When choosing, try to avoid too exaggerated and exaggerated design.

Maintenance method of underwear

Appropriate wear and matching are very important, but the maintenance method of underwear is also crucial.So, how can we better maintain their favorite sexy underwear?

Step 1: Divide the door to keep

Different types of erotic underwear should be divided into different categories during maintenance, and different categories can be set in the inner wardrobe. For example, each drawer puts different types of underwear, which can prevent each other from squeezing and damaging each other when storing the underwear.

Step 2: Mainly -hand washing

Hand washing is the best way. Whether it is traditional underwear or sexy underwear, it should be washed with warm water and laundry.Be careful not to rub it too much to avoid damaging the fabric.

Step 3: Reduce the number of drying times

When drying, try to avoid drying directly in the sun. You should choose the indoor natural air drying or the semi -yin and semi -sunbathing place.In addition, the hooks on the top of the underwear are easy to leave traces, so pay special attention.


Different types of erotic underwear should be maintained separately, check regularly, and replace the wear underwear in time.At the same time, hand washing is mainly to avoid using washing machines, reducing the number of drying times is also the main point of maintenance of underwear.


Sexy underwear is a must -have for women to show self -confidence and natural beauty.Choosing the right underwear, with different occasions, and maintaining underwear correctly, is the true meaning of sexy charm.